انظروا 11 تنورة
    انظروا 11 تنورة انظروا 11 تنورة انظروا 11 تنورة
    انظروا 11 تنورة انظروا 11 تنورة انظروا 11 تنورة انظروا 11 تنورة

    انظروا 11 تنورة

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    Size Guide
    Size Guide
    Bust (cm)8286909498102
    Waist (cm)646872768084
    Hips (cm)889296100104108

    Size98 cm110 cm122 ccm134 cm146 cm152 cm164 cm
    Age2 years4 years6 years8 years10 years12 years14 years
    Height (cm)98110122134146152164
    Bust (cm)57596266727684
    Waist (cm)53555759636569
    Hips (cm)59636772788290

    How to Take Clothing Measurements

    Each woman has exceptional, one and only body. Its spheres are different on everybody and we perfectly understand it. Therefore, if you need some advices, contact with us. Together with our experienced designers, we will try to find your perfect size. In order to find your correct size, please try this method of measuring.

    • CHEST measure your chest over the fullest part of your bust wearing a good bra (if you normally wear one). Measure around the fullest part keeping the tape measure straight across the back and under the arms.

    • WAIST measure your waist at the narrowest point Measure the narrowest point of your waistline, keeping the tame measure close, but not too tight. For finding your natural waist line you may to check your dimensions approximately 5 centimeters above your belly button.

    • HIPS measure your hip over the widest point of your hip. Standing heels together measure around the fullest part approx 20 centimeters below your waistline.

    • LEGS standing upright measure from the top of your inside leg to the length you would like the pants or skirt. Dear high heels’ lovers you should to take a heel length into account within measuring.
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    تنورة زرقاء وخضراء مزينة بأقواس

    Fabric: 67%CO 33%PL

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