spring / summer 2017 


Tribute for Ladies Beauty

Inspiration for POCA & POCA’s Spring / Summer Collection 2017 was ineffable beauty of Nature, impossible to express otherwise than in form  multicolor shapes, gentle lines and enthralling hues. The modern times are tiresome therefore contemporary women need to asylum, where she will be able to be hidden, cultivating her grace, contemplating harmony of world. Women are like fragile flowers and all pieces of collection is frame for unexceptional figures contemporary Empress of her own Realm.

Delicacy of feathers, clarity of voil

Theme thread of Women Collection is heavenly Orangery and we linked with the highest solicitude affection to luscious hues with smoothness of lines. The balanced color palette includes of ivory white, ruby red and emerald green, warm yellow and calm blue. Multiplicity of hues, including both warm and cool shades, allows to express full scale of feelings or hide behind luminosity of clearness. Dominant notes are taken from Nature, as a silent night skies and crystal white of morning clouds. Color variation allows to matching all pieces in pursuance of tender feminine temper, adorned with ethereal decorative feathers and cords, along enchanting rufflesand frilly fabrics or fringes. Featherweights of flounces harmonizes with majestic details, like gold buttons and chic collars, introducing to world of dreams and elegance.

Quintessence of POCA & POCA’s WOMAN Spring / Summer Collection 2017 are timeless longdresses and pencil skirts adequate for any occasions. Classical cuts found love of devotee of simplicity, recognizing the principle of plainness without renunciation of uniqueness. Endless simplicity of classic shapes as always is an exquisite background for Ladies beauty, especially when it captivates with volatile voil sleeves or feathersdove softness of fabrics. Featherweights of transparent details discreetly highlights feminine, adding the mystery. Mixture of fabrics evokes luxuriant rising rare flowers, surrounded tender care of thoughtful gardener – magnificent peonies, adorned roses and fragrant jasmine. Created from ultimate care collection is real bouquet, in tribute to feminine timeless beauty.

Flowering of classic – pencil skirt and high waist pants

Enigmatic but not neutral, attractant by astonishing matches. Voil with mesh details, ruffles compelling with butterflies lightness in connected with flowing lines of decorative cords. Unwavering purity of form highlights feminine individuality, brightening with mesmerizing meaningful hues. High collars enhance gracefulness of swan neck, being like a discreet necklace and empress buttons are sort of royal jewels, embellishing pieces with stately dignity. Transparent details envelop arms and necklines as an aerial mist, hovering around secret phantasies and well-fitting pencil skirts and high waist pants underline an allurements of silhouette.

Contemporary empress chooses long dresses

Particularly appreciated are blouses – SS17 BL04, SS17 BL38 and the pearl of season – SS17 BL15, being a perfect complement for high waist pants with bell legs and pencil skirts, among the most popular are skirts SS17 SK02, SS17 SK36 and pants SS17 PA13 and SS17 PA34. Bright stars our recent collection are also long dresses – hypnotic by black-white pattern SS27 DR10 or amazing symphony of various textures – SS17 DR12.