spring / summer 2017 


Princess in patchwork skirts

Along with spring’s beginning we are move to the magical Orangery of glistening juicy colors of secret dreams, gathering twinkling stars. Bewitching and still fascinating games with structures and all scale of hues resulted resolute and girlish designs, ideal for fragile little dreamer or sensitive princess. Modern fabrics having unexceptional textures delight eyes with richness of wonderful colors of flowers, as a dulcet rainbow bridge to the kingdom of phantasy. The source of inspiration was lush greenery and spring explosion of flower buds, being natural scenery of afternoon in royal Orangery, where Little Miss Petite melodiously laugh, dance and play with fairies.

Rainbow variety of girlish dresses and skirts

In this season Petite Collection is characterized by grace and courtliness, and brightened with captivating jonquil yellow, strawberry pink, mild peach and soothing cream. Fruity and floral palette is matched with eye-catching cheerful shapes, sparkling details, gleaming as a dew drops. Long dresses, ethereal as a breath of breeze, amusing jumpsuits ideal for little adventurer are decorated with floral patterns, opalescent pleats and golden bubbles. Whole line evokes associations with carefree holidays, loving sunny smiles and cloudless skies, tinging daily with the rainbow multicolor.  Little lover of flower may to swirling in pirouettes, wearing globed skirts in pastel hues or enjoyed vernal drizzle, protected with glamorous cozy cape. Nothing underlines girlish charm as a dress so for special occasion our Beloved Princesses enchant with savor of delicate daisies and dahlias, dressed in almost ballgown, adorned with ruffles and decorative cords.

Practical trousers and handy trousers

Little Beauties can not to neglect her garden so she often chooses beauteous high waist pants in all scale of hues. She may to select from neutral beiges of dunes or timeless jeans, however if she needs to enrapture with grace of helpful elf, she wear trousers resplendent with crystal white, pure as a morning dawn. Winged with  butterfly shoulders she brings to mind tiny fairy, tender caring about her truelove plants. Because of she hates boredom, her garments are mesmerizing with multicolor mixture of fabrics and material, just the same as a variety of her glowing flourishing flowerbeds. Comfort within daily duties provide admirable jumpsuits, easygoing but eye-catching with shimmering details and capacious pockets that hold all treasures, finding in spacious garden or in the labyrinth of embroiled paths, thrilling with secrets and natural beauty. Form the whole do not requires wasted time on matching elements, allowing to blissful forgetfulness during garden plays and discoveries. Brave Adventurer dazes with her unspeakable charm, everyday revealing beauty of world, bathed in golden sunny rays. 

Little Fairy loving winged blouses

Exceptionally loved by Little Ladies are patchwork skirts as SS17 PSK05 or SS17 PSK29, miraculously matching to winged blouses for example SS17 PBL29. They can boldly chose between pastel hues of volume globed skirts, suitable for any occasion or alluring patchwork skirts, composed with multiplicity of luscious elements. Little nixies are choosing dainty charm of long dresses which the best and most admirable dresses SS17 PDR21 and SS17 PDR24. Modern Little Princess need convenience but do not want to waste breathtaking grace so willingly wears fabulous jumpsuits. Among the favorites are jumpsuits SS17 PJU17 and SS17 PJU01, delighting with them hues of yellow – from chilly jonquil to warm honey drop.