Autumn / Winter 2018 

Autumn / Winter 2018


Glamour elegance

POCA & POCA Autumn/Winter collection 2018 is a glittering glamour evening in an exceptional place. It stands for sumptuous events, where you emanate with an incredible savour and spread the charm of luxury around you. These are the moments when you walk ahead with the lightness of a nymph and royal refinement. It is the unforgettable time when you look like a million dollars!


In the autumn-winter women’s collection we have captured the timelessness of feminine cuts and royal refinement of shimmering fabrics, which arrange in sophisticated dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, pants and blouses. Elegant women’s clothes by POCA & POCA from this unique line derive inspiration from refined parties and banquets, where stealthy looks and gestures meet and music caresses your ears. From these special moments when you secretly escape the ballroom to cool down your emotions in a secret garden gently touched by the pale moon light...


Elegance at POCA & POCA stands for astonishing cuts, trendy colours and, most of all, selected with taste, luxurious fabrics and phenomenal accessories that will make you the queen of the evening. The elegant POCA & POCA women's outfits are eye-catching with their gloss which appears between delicate pleats or thick flounces in an energetic Spanish style. Creases, stitchings or puffs appear here and there. Straps of smooth fabric harmonize with textured ones - matt, slightly shiny, imitating floral leaves and petals or resembling wings of ethereal dragonflies. Pearl and golden buttons are crouching here and there - discreet decorations that emphasize wide, loose sleeves of blouses and dresses or well-fitted pants and skirts.

Lady’s wardrobe for special occasions

When the world shimmers with colours of autumn and winter aura — you can shimmer as well! Cover yourself with warm, golden autumn or cool, silver winter, in which we have hidden the dignified style and the best fashion emotions. Put on a sophisticated jumpsuit - white, pink, burgundy, black or grey with silver reflections. Or maybe you prefer classic women’s pants with high waist and wide or straight legs in the shade of dark grey evening sky or beige shade of autumn fields? When you want to feel feminine, reach for a long skirt - golden, khaki, burgundy, grey with a print, graphite or classic black. Match a tasteful white, burgundy, golden, brown with golden highlights, graphite, silver or black women’s blouse. Will you decide this evening on an elegant golden women's dress, opt for universal black or will you delight your guests with innocent white or a tasteful brick-coloured dress?

Modest richness

When designing the elegant POCA & POCA women's clothes, we used classic styles that beautifully emphasize the feminine figure. Waist-fitted dresses and suits, as well as pants and skirts with high waist, will nicely underline the waist and slender the silhouette. It will gain grace also due to light materials, which flow down in delicate pleats. Women’s dresses, skirts and jumpsuits made of fabrics falling with soft folds make every woman look like a delicate nymph and correspond with other stylish products on our offer. Among them are elegant blouses for women with high collars and wide, loose sleeves for comfortable movements, as well as elegant dresses and blouses with boleros. The collection also includes a simple, wide waist midi dress, which is good for more casual occasions, and trousers, which can be worn at work.