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Autumn / Winter 2020 

Autumn / Winter 2020


Dazzlingly diverse, a mesmerising mosaic

Autumn is often called the mosaic of all the remaining seasons – it combines certain of their elements into one unique composition. That is where our inspiration came from, because our new collection for women – Autumn / Winter 2020 – is also a sort of mosaic. It offers such an exceptionally wide range of cuts, fits, colours, shades, styles and details that every single woman can pick something to her taste. Regardless of whether you are more into patterns or plain fabrics, skirts and dresses or pants and jumpsuits, bright or subdued colours, simple garments or the abundance of details and embellishments, you are bound to find something suitable for yourself in POCA & POCA Autumn / Winter 2020 collection. Embark with us on an unforgettable journey through the world of fashion!

Express yourself with your outfits

A famous fashion designer, Rachel Zoe, said that Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak and it's hard to disagree with her. The kind of clothes we choose to wear can speak volumes about the type of person that we are. Autumn and winter are considered as seasons that have a very special ambiance, a personality. Hence the clothes from our line are designed to bring out the personality of a woman who is wearing them! Seductive blouses with exposed shoulder or off-the-shoulder cut and shiny fabric, classy black dresses and salmon long-sleeved blouses and long shorts, eccentric jumpsuits with an impressive ruffle –in POCA & POCA 2020 collection there really is something for everyone! Don’t forget to pay attention to our carefully crafted details: gold buttons and chain belts, interesting ruffles, chokers and chain straps. 

There is always a first time, for everything

And it's also true about this year’s POCA & POCA Autumn / Winter collection for women! So far, we have managed to introduce quite an interesting range of shades and colours, but... We would like to announce that violet is making its absolute debut at POCA & POCA and it is happening right now, in front of your eyes! This debut cannot go unnoticed – the shade of violet that we picked is bold, strong and eye-catching – just like every woman wearing it should feel. Our new clothing line features plain violet blouses and jumpsuits, textured dresses and striped skirts that show an extraordinary combination of violet and other colours: yellow, green and white. If you have not tried anything new and out of ordinary recently, now is the right time – paint your autumn and winter violet!

Elegant at all times

This collection will definitely not get you bored! Our POCA & POCA master tailors felt exceptionally inspired this year and developed a vast collection of clothes, so that every lady finds something special for every occasion. For work, business meetings or a casual lunch with friends, we suggest powdery pink dresses – long or short-sleeved, blue blouses matched with white shorts or plain jumpsuits: in salmon, navy blue, black or grey. If you are looking for something suitable for evening occasions – a dinner, a gala or a party, you might want to have a look at our off the shoulder blouses, stylish dresses embellished with pretty ruffles, capes and shiny belts, as well as classy jumpsuits and shorts. The new POCA & POCA collection – just like autumn and winter – has a little bit of everything in it: diverse patterns and plain fabrics, an abundance of colours, shades and hues to choose from, diversified cuts and fits, from the most classic to more original and eccentric ones. The choice is yours!