Autumn / Winter 2021

The Autumn / Winter 2021 collection by POCA & POCA offers a refined take on classic designs. Full of intricate patterns, the collection mixes tradition with modernity, creating a stylish and daring look - perfect if you’re in need of a truly glamorous outfit. Whether you’re searching for a bold dress that radiates elegance to wow the guests at an exclusive party, or a dashing jacket with beautiful matching pants to create a look that makes a statement, the Autumn / Winter 2021 collection has it all. The collection includes a wide variety of clothing options to choose from, with the highlight being its fine and luxurious dresses. The dresses are available in a range of vibrant, expressive colours to select from, including such unique shades like copper, lavender, plum, topaz, and cupcake frosting. IN addition, The Autumn / Winter 2021 collection features classy jackets with pants to match, blouses, jumpsuits, shorts, and skirts. With such a versatile selection, you’ll be able to create an outfit for every occasion - both official and casual. You’ll be the centre of attention at wedding receptions, dates, and even business meetings, adorned in fabulous fabrics decorated with bows, frills, puffed sleeves, and gorgeous pleats.

Variety, diversity, selection

Light and dark pink, salmon, cream, intense and lighter green, mint, cobalt and navy blue, red, black, blue-silver, white... The selection of colours is extremely wide. But the diversity of our collection does not stop here! Our POCA & POCA master tailors felt exceptionally inspired this season. First of all, they have prepared an amazing variety of prints and patterns. Alongside some plain garments, you will find textured fabrics, bold zebra and panther prints, checked and polka dot patterns. Second of all, this clothing line features every possible type of outfit: blouses, dresses, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, short blouses, pants, capes. If there is one word to describe POCA & POCA Spring/Summer 2021 Women’s collection, then it should definitely be diversity.

What’s so special about the Autumn / Winter 2021 collection?

We designed the collection with innovation in mind. We wanted to create something that doesn't simply recreate the classics, but reinvents them with a modern flair. The advantage of such a combination is a classy versatility and absolute glamour. All of the clothes from the Autumn / Winter 2021 collection have been handcrafted out of the highest quality materials, produced locally in Poland. We care about the littlest of details when creating our outfits by closely monitoring the entire production process, making sure the product you receive is something truly luxurious.

A variety of designs and premium fabrics at POCA & POCA

If you like puffed sleeves and ruffled cloth, the Autumn / Winter 2021 collection might be just what you’re after. Adorned with intricate details like gold ring buttons and delicate, feathery capes, every outfit encapsulates a work of art, created by artisan tailors. We wanted this collection to introduce a simple, yet elegant and luxurious set of outfits for our clients to choose from. At POCA & POCA, we combine passion and innovation with a deep love and appreciation for tradition, fuelling us to create unique outfits that bring classic designs into modernity. We want our clothes to be as comfortable as they are stylish, which is why we use only the highest quality fabrics and materials when turning our designs into reality. All of our clothes are handmade by master tailors, ensuring the highest quality of our work. Each collection at POCA & POCA introduces something fresh and unique. The Autumn / Winter 2021 collection is dedicated to women who enjoy bold outfits and being the focal point of every gathering - a luxurious take on a daring style, crafted out of the finest fabrics.

Find out more glamorous outfits at POCA & POCA

Whether you’re looking for a work outfit or a dress for a sophisticated event, you’ll find what you’re after at POCA & POCA. We offer a variety of collections, full of elegant dresses for every occasion. Each collection introduces its own unique twist, with intricate decorative elements and adventurous colours. For more designs just as glamorous and bold as the Autumn / Winter 2021 collection, check out the rest of our online catalogue at POCA & POCA.

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