Autumn / Winter 2022

Finish the year 2022 in style with the latest Autumn / Winter 2022 collection by POCA & POCA. This year, we want to combat seasonal depression with strong colours and charming details. The collection features a delicate mixture of high-fashion elegance with comfortable fabrics and vibrant shades, dominated by blue, pink, and orange shades, but also featuring white, black, and beige. No matter whether you’re looking for a stylish new dress or an elegant caped jumpsuit, the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection introduces 70 wonderful attires, available in a range of cute colours and using a unique combination of decorative elements and flowing fabrics to create truly sophisticated designs.


What’s available in the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection ?

This year’s Autumn / Winter collection features some incredible highlights that you absolutely have to see. One of them is a gorgeous raspberry dress, made with unique bubble fabric and decorated with ruffles. In addition, the sleeves and pockets of the dress were fitted with ruched details, and gold stamp buttons finish the look with a stylish flair. If you’re looking for something different than a dress, don’t worry - there are plenty of other options available in the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection by POCA & POCA, like the beautiful Pink-Cobalt set of cape and shorts, made with flowing fabrics in fascinating colours, fastened with decorative gold buttons, and tied at the sides blouses and pants are also plentiful in this year’s collection - achieve a perfect Autumn look with a pair of black high-waisted pants, made out of a uniquely textured fabric, combined with a vibrant orange blouse with long sleeves, ruched waist and cuffs, and shorter fabric on the sides.


How to take clothing measurements for the Autumn / Winter 2022 collection ?

To make the best impression on others while wearing Autumn / Winter 2022 collection attire, it’s extremely important to order the right size variants for you. Each of us is made different and beautiful, and matching our clothes to our bodies is all that’s keeping us from achieving a gorgeous look. When measuring your body, it’s recommended to use a tailor’s tape, otherwise known as a sewing tape measure. Start by measuring your chest - bring the tape around your body over the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra, making sure to keep the tape straight across your back and under your armpits. The waist is measured at the narrowest point, just a bit above the belly button. Keep the tape close to your body, but not too tight - you don’t want your new dress to be uncomfortable to wear. Finally, measure your hips by bringing the tape around the widest point of your hip, touching your heels together, as well as your legs by standing upright and measuring from the top of the inside of your leg to the desired length of your skirt, pants, or dress. If you’re often wearing heels, remember to take that into account.


More high-fashion collections and intricate designs at POCA & POCA

POCA & POCA specializes in designing and manufacturing elegant creations for women that highlight femininity and showcase incredible attention to detail. We supervise the production of our clothes at every stop, from raw materials to the gorgeous designs you see in our store. All of our clothing is handmade by artisan sewers, combining luxurious designs and intricate detailing with delicate fabrics that flow as you walk and keep you comfortable. For more one-of-a-kind designs, we wholeheartedly invite you to see our other collections as well. Each year, we come up with at least 3-4 incredible collections for women and children - all absolutely stunning and glamorous. Check them out!

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