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Autumn / Winter 2020 

Autumn / Winter 2020


A for Amazing Autumn & W for Wonderful Winter

Browse through our new POCA & POCA Autumn / Winter 2020 collection for girls and rest assured that these clothes will make every young lady feel and look wonderfully amazing! We are convinced that autumn and winter are very special seasons and special seasons require special clothing. If you agree with us, have a look at what our master tailors have prepared for you this year. You might be asking yourself: Well, aren’t most autumn and winter collections just super calm and somewhat boring? We want to reassure you: at POCA & POCA, it is not the case! Our creations will catch your eye with the variety of colours and shades, ranging from nude and beige to deep hues of green, as well as a wide scope of details and embellishments, such as ruffles, frills, puffs and more. There is definitely something for everyone!

(A)symmetry... What do you prefer?

Actually, you don’t really need to choose, because in POCA & POCA Autumn / Winter 2020 collection you will find a mix of both styles! Isn’t it amazing? This clothing line features various dresses, blouses, shorts, skirts, jumpsuits and pants – all of them extremely cute and stylish. If you are one of these girls who appreciate symmetry, there are plenty of garments available for you: symmetrical dresses and blouses with puffy sleeves, leafy bows, or ruffles on both sides with buttons in the middle. If, on the other hand, you prefer a slightly more original attire, take a look at some of the asymmetrical pieces of clothing from our collection: dresses with a ruffle on one side or with an asymmetrical cape or skirts with ruffles on one side and buttons on the other. How about mixing some symmetry with a tinge of asymmetry? That is exactly how you can create your own (a)symmetrical look. Just try it!

Get a few pieces of clothing and create countless outfits

Having a special and unique ensemble for every occasion does not necessarily mean having a wardrobe full of clothes or never wearing the same thing twice. After all, the pieces from this clothing line are so adorable that you will want to wear them all the time! POCA & POCA Autumn / Winter 2020 collection has got an amazing potential for mixing and matching. Most of our blouses go very well with different skirts and pants from the same collection, so get creative and put together special outfits – according to the occasion, your mood or the weather. Certain items have very neutral colours, such as light pink, beige or white, whereas some colours are more distinct, for example deep green or blue. Try matching a light top with a darker bottom or vice versa – it will balance out the whole outfit!

Pay attention to the details

We do believe that our POCA & POCA creations are one of a kind and stand out among other clothes. But what is it that makes them so special? Frankly speaking, it is probably a combination of different factors. However, there is one thing that we pay a lot of attention to: all the little details! They are absolutely necessary, we see them as the icing on the cake of our clothes – they make all the dresses, skirts, pants and blouses complete. In Autumn/ Winter 2020 collection, it is the details, the embellishments and the inserts that bring out the true character of our clothes. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of gold buttons (because which girl doesn’t love gold?), graceful ruffles, elegant puffy sleeves and tiered inserts. These extraordinary details constitute the basis of our POCA & POCA style – elegant, classy and stylish, but... with a twist!