MINI - POCA & POCA Spring / Summer 2022 collection for children

When looking for clothes for our smallest children, it’s very important to focus on comfort. Gorgeous designs and cute colours are a great addition, most definitely, but more importantly, kids need to actually feel good wearing them - the best collections can achieve both, combining unique design with premium fabrics to create children’s clothing that looks amazing and feels wonderful to wear. With the Spring / Summer 2022 collection for 0 to 6 years old, we wanted to achieve just that - a perfect combination of stylish outfits and the softest fabrics, creating unforgettable memories while giving your girls all the comfort they deserve. If you want to look at all the pictures in a couple of years with fond memories and your children looking absolutely stunning, the MINI Spring / Summer 2022 collection from POCA & POCA was made for you.


Dreamy colours and flowing fabrics - Spring / Summer 2022 collection for 0 to 6 year olds

Dedicated for children from 0 to 6 years old, the MINI Spring / Summer 2022 collection starts the year off with a selection of vibrant, pastel colours inspired by nature and flowers. The collection features a variety of gorgeous creations, including dresses, blouses, shorts, jumpsuits, as well as combined sets of articles to create a beautiful ready-made outfit for your girls to wear. As with every collection at POCA & POCA, the MINI Spring / Summer 2022 collection features premium handmade clothes, created by master craftsmen out of the highest quality materials, making the clothes not only look great, but also feel extremely comfortable at all times. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous white little dress adorned with bows, a flowing gray dress decorated with frills and gold buttons, or a cute neon-green blouse with frills at the top and fastened with decorative buttons - the MINI Spring / Summer 2022 collection has them all.


Premium fabrics and unique designs at POCA & POCA

Here at POCA & POCA, we put maximum attention to detail during the entire production process of our clothes. From materials to ready-made clothing, our creations are closely supervised to ensure the highest quality. All of the clothes are handmade by experienced sewers, dedicated to providing you with the pinnacle of luxury clothing for kids. Our unique designs feature a variety of vibrant colours, the choice of which depends on a variety of factors. Every year, expect new unusual colours that will shock and amaze - each new collection features different inspirations and colour palettes, so stay tuned for more. Pink and gold jumpsuits decorated with frilled pockets and colourful blouse + skirt sets adorned with bows and golden buttons - these are only some of our creations we want to start the year 2022 with, radiating optimism and hope for the upcoming months.


Intricate details and sophisticated decorations - premium clothes for all ages from POCA & POCA

Whether you’re looking for a new dress for a 7 year old girl or a gorgeous new uniform for yourself to make a big entrance at a party, you’ll find what you’re after at POCA & POCA. We design and sew luxurious clothing for girls and women alike, from formal jumpsuits to fresh and breezy summer dresses. If you want to see more unique designs and vibrant colours, make sure to check out the rest of our catalogue. Each year, we come up with multiple collections that can be used all-throughout the year - all skilfully crafted from the highest quality materials.