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CLARIS 2019 



Paris chick by Claris the Mouse

Who doesn’t love the adventures of the chicest mouse of Paris? We love Claris! Full of joyful energy and natural charm, she came to the tailoring atelier of POCA & POCA and inspired us to create a unique collection of clothes for little elegant women. Every look with fresh touch of Paris fashion was designed by the author of Claris - the world famous illustrator Megan Hess. POCA & POCA master tailors grabbed the best fabrics and accessories and then it was enough to add just a bit of magic to make the elegant skirts, dresses, pants and blouses from the cards of Claris stories come true! Now we can read about the adventures of the Parisian mouse and wear the same beautiful outfits as her. Isn’t it wonderful? We believe that it is a dream come true for every little girl who knows that when you want something really badly, everything is possible!

Follow your dreams

Together with Claris the Mouse, Megan Hess and two frogs, we jumped into a flying balloon and headed for the world’s capital of fashion to bring the finest outfits for young ladies. Claris, who loves everything that’s pleated, whispered into Megan's ear to create an elegant girl's blouse and a matching layered pleated skirt, sewn from the lightness of a ballerina's dance steps. When everything seemed ready, our mouse added a lovely bow in the colour of a blushing rose, which harmoniously intertwined with the creamy fabric in a balloon print. Claris, a frequent guest to Parisian salons, was sure that the same blouse would be a perfect match for a refined girl's skirt, whose golden fabric flows down with a multi-layered cascade to the ground. Of course, as usual, she was right!

The subtle finesse of Claris's girls collection

As Megan enthusiastically drew her creation, Claris put on her favourite pink, wavy dress with long sleeves, bow and layered bottom. We just had to have it in our collection! In a snap it jumped out of the story cards straight into the hands of our tailor! From the feathery clouds that flow over the Eiffel Tower on warm days, Megan has also conjured up a sophisticated white dress for a girl worthy of a royal ball. Chick and everyday comfort? Claris had a ready solution for us. From the lightness of the milk waterfall, elegant white girl’s pants with a basque and golden bubbles have been created. The set includes a girl's sleeveless blouse with a simple cut, which also fits any other outfit. And for cooler days, a white bomber jacket with golden insertions and drops of golden dew.

We wondered what to do next, but Claris, sitting on the desk and waving her leg carelessly, said that we had already found the key to Parisian fashion: classic cuts and timeless colours that go well with different styles and in which every young lady looks both modest and refined.

Artistic imaginativeness of Megan Hess

This is the second time POCA & POCA met with Megan Hess. We are constantly enchanted by her great drawing talent and the subtlety with which she shows her feminine and girlish energy. Megan, who has worked with the most prestigious designers such as Dior, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Montblanc, Givenchy, Valentino, Balmain, Jimmy Choo and Tiffany and Co., is a true icon of art in the fashion world. Her unique empathy allows her to penetrate secret thoughts, understand passions and desires, and then express them with a unique line, which shows her fascination with Art Nouveau and phenomenal fashion from the first decades of the twentieth century. Megan's work perfectly captures the sense of the Parisian style - simplicity which emanates with an unspeakable chic every step of the way. Megan has dressed Claris the Mouse, who has conquered the hearts of girls all over the world, in the same values - and now, with POCA & POCA, she takes them to the adventurous, tasteful world of fashion!