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Claris Holiday Heist 

Claris Holiday Heist


Bonjour, NYC! It’s Christmas with Claris from Paris!

Do you still remember Claris – the chicest mouse in Paris? Well, for the Christmas holiday season, our little Claris has decided to set off on an adventurous trip to New York City. Her new glamourous outfits will definitely not go unnoticed as she will be strolling around the streets of Manhattan and Upper East Side or shopping on the Fifth Avenue. Our chic friend has made sure that all her garments reflect the Christmas spirit perfectly – through their vivid colours, shiny fabrics, amazing patterns and designs. But the most important thing is that this Christmas every girl can dress exactly like Claris! Our “Claris Holiday Heist” collection features clothes and accessories that came straight out of the latest story book about Claris! Doesn’t it seem like a dream?

Très chic, très stylish and très shiny! Oh là là!

If you have already read Megan Hess’ book and followed Claris on her New York adventures, then you already know what garments are awaiting you in our magical Christmas collection. However, if you are saving the book for the Christmas day, simply browse through our Christmas clothing line for girls to see what our POCA & POCA master tailors have prepared for you. In terms of colours, the collection features gold and red, alongside white and cream. These colours, coupled with extraordinary fabrics – shiny and silky dresses, blouses and jumpsuits, fluffy capes and feathery dresses will make you feel like it’s Christmas at its finest! Hang on... there's more! The real cherry on top are our lovely festive patterns with Claris – you can find them on skirts, dresses, blouses, but also on accessories – beautiful, decorative hair clips. Wherever you are, have yourself a merry little Christmas with Claris!

The 3G: Girly, Glamourous and Gorgeous

During Christmas time, New York City is filled with exceptionally warm, festive ambiance that attracts many visitors. Claris definitely put her best foot forward to look smart and sophisticated on her special Christmas trip. Now, thanks to our POCA & POCA “Claris Holiday Heist” Autumn/ Winter 2020 collection, every little girl can feel and look just like Claris, because our clothing line was entirely inspired by Claris’ holiday wardrobe. What can you find in this collection? Volume, globed skirts and dresses decorated with lovely details, such as gold buttons, graceful bows and puffy sleeves. Moreover, you should not miss our smart red jumpsuit with ruffles and basquine or a creamy fluffy cape with gold buttons. And to complement the whole Christmas look, it is important to remember about the accessories – adorable hair clips picturing Claris herself or a red bow.

Claris – the chicest mouse in Paris “Holiday Heist”

It might seem unbelievable that our collection came straight out of a story book. But it’s true! “Holiday Heist” is the fourth book by Megan Hess, a writer and a fashion illustrator, that talks about the adventures of Claris, by far the chicest mouse in Paris. This time Claris has decided to leave France, travel across the ocean and spend the holiday season in a city where fashion definitely plays an important role – in New York. It’s as clear as day that she will go back to Paris with new inspiration and innovative fashion ideas! A captivating, rhyming story is accompanied by Megan’s fine drawings that make the book really special. And our POCA & POCA Claris Holiday Heist Autumn/ Winter 2020 collection is a perfect marriage of Megan’s exquisite designs and our master tailors’ craftsman skills.