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Claris Riviera 2020 

Claris Riviera 2020


Claris on the French Riviera

We all know Claris who is by far the chicest mouse in Paris. This time she packed her bags and went straight to the sunny French Riviera and... she’s coming back with ideas galore! Ideas for new creations: blouses, skirts, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits and more! She whispered a few words of inspiration to our POCA & POCA master tailors and together they made an incredibly stylish collection with seaside-inspired colours and carefully crafted details: bows, frills, buttons and patterns. Everything to make a young mademoiselle feel glamourous and special. The books about Claris were written by Megan Hess, an international fashion illustrator, who enhanced the stories with her fine drawings. At POCA & POCA we fell head over heels in love with them, so we decided to put those designs into life and that is how Claris Riviera 2020 collection was born.

Blue that does not stand for sadness

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself by the sea of the French Riviera with Claris the mouse. The smell of salty breeze, the soothing sound of sea waves bouncing off the shore, warm rays of sun gently stroking your skin… When creating outfits for Claris, Megan Hess drew a lot of inspiration from these breath-taking sceneries. The colours that she picked are far from random. They range from heavily saturated hues of yellow – the colour of the sand glowing in the sun light – to various shades of blue, because the sea is changeable: sometimes light blue, sometimes nearly sapphire. Forget the blue that stands for sadness. In POCA & POCA Claris Riviera collection, blue stands for nature and for depth. And together with diverse tones of cream and yellow they are a perfect match. Yes, they go together like... Claris and Paris!

Frivolous frills, luxurious layers and elegant elements

Megan’s creations are simply chic and good style personified. This is perfectly reflected in our collection Claris Riviera 2020. It features A-shaped skirts, layered shorts that look almost like skirts, summery dresses and jumpsuits. All of them gracefully embellished with cute details: light frills, elegant bows, shiny buttons, patterns and mouse designs. Bearing in mind that the devil is in the details, we added a range of accessories to complement the clothing line. Hair bands and hair clips picturing Claris or a lovely little crown are the real icing on the cake! We have a great bit of advice from Megan and Claris: all these garments and accessories can be mixed and matched in countless ways so that you can use your imagination and creativity to put together your own personal ensemble. Now every little girl, just like Claris, may feel stylish, sophisticated and smart.

Join Claris on her trip to the French Riviera

Megan Hess has done an amazing job of combining summery, holiday styles, cuts and fits with elegance and finesse. Claris was beyond happy that all of these dresses, skirts, shorts, blouses and jumpsuits gave her comfort and confidence on her trip, as she was strolling along the pier, sunbathing on the beach, collecting sea shells or sipping lemonade and eating ice-cream in the shade. Whether she is in the mountains, in the city of Paris or at the seaside in the south of France, Claris always looks at her best in her hand-made, frilly outfits. That is why Claris Riviera constitutes such a special set of clothes: they definitely do not pass unnoticed, they emanate good taste and elegance, but at the same time they feel wonderfully comfortable, lighter than feather and are irresistibly cute! Someone could say that they came straight out of a story book. Oh... hold on... they actually did!