Classic Collection 

Classic Collection


Lose yourself in a classical symphony of patterns and fabrics

The word ‘classic’ might remind some of items outdated, boring, maybe even dedicated strictly to people refusing to accept the changes brought by modern age… But not in everlastingly exclusive fashion.

In fashion classic clothes mean timelessly elegant, but not only that… The word itself also conveys the feeling of never-ending charm and glamour shown in the form of delicate fabrics: silks, tulle, laces and more. It addresses the aura of a fairy-tale, enchanting the viewers with exquisite ruffles, flounces or sheerings - placed exactly where they can bring the potential of whole outfit to the memorable level.

POCA & POCA introduces the magnificent experience embodied in Classic Collection. With seventeen designer dresses, stylish basquines-ish skirts and creative approach to capes, every woman can rediscover what it means to be timelessly elegant, without losing their individual, modern style.

Enhancing the charisma to reinvent the basics

Whilst working on the collection, POCA & POCA focused on achieving two main - equally important, yet requiring a different approach - goals: celebrate many shades and colors of femininity, while keeping the grace and chic comfort of popular, timeless designs in clothes. Aiming to create another signature style has become the glamorous adventure, full of successful experiments. Combining fresh ideas with the exploration of frequently visited (for a reason) styles provided astounding results, overflowing with refined details, that adorn every inch of charismatic outfits.

Thanks to the bold approach the exquisite Collection of classic clothes is an embodiment of everything we hold dear: sophistication, uniqueness, elegance, splendor and, of course, curiosity arousing temptation.

Remaining graceful at any time, at any place

Elegance is not just “once in a blue moon” kind of concept. The true self should be able to present itself regardless of time, place and occasion.

The flowing pattern brings out in dresses the ethereal harmony during a cocktail or formal event, reminding that it is so easy to redefine the perception of classic clothes in the modern eye.

Desire to remain timelessly exquisite can be fulfilled thanks to a volume skirt, refined by decorative bubbles, matched together with a stunning cape tied at the waist, to enhance every asset of the body. Perfect for a rococo, yet simple lunch date.

Jumpsuits decorated with tulle ruffles and shiny details remain the bold choice suitable for women not fearing to prove that they can exhibit their confidence, without diminishing the softer, feminine side. It is the epitome of straightforward, yet chic way to establish your presence in every setting.

Because classic and modern can go side by side

Like in a classical symphony, elegant dresses and graceful skirts or capes can help discover a wide range of emotions. Toned colors might calm the soul, brave patterns can strike the curiosity while exceptional refinements will raise the joy of uniqueness and individuality. However, it’s the passion in our stylish clothes, that will remain an imperishable company - with every note, every design, every flutter of flounce and every, even the slightest, color transition.

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but classic clothes are a timeless proof, that such high level of artistry allures everyone. The careful choice of hues and colors - from blacks and whites to striking midnight blues and jasmins - turns POCA & POCA collection into a graceful composition celebrating beauty. It is ready to admonish, that classic clothes haven’t had their last word just yet.