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Autumn / Winter 2017

Woman's Collection

Discover ‘The Secret Life’ Autumn/Winter collection

POCA & POCA “The Secret Life” Autumn/Winter 2017 is a collection owed to the excellence of nature. Drawing inspiration from a mysterious and beautiful world, full of grace, elegance and glory with bold and striking colours derived from the beauty of nature. The collection explores the splendour, refinement, and femininity by harmoniously combining sophisticated elegance, charming simplicity, and an exquisite glamour. Created in dedication to women who love to explore and discover all that life has to offer, keeping their finding a close and guarded secret. They take pride in their natural beauty, have a unique and elegant style and feel confident in whatever situation they may be.


Timeless Elegance & Dress Style

The Autumn/Winter 2017 “The Secret Life” collection celebrates the timeless elegance and style with the charming touch of POCA & POCA. Each piece embraces classic and noble forms with sophisticated fabrics, refined details and finished with the brand’s signature style.


An abundance of nature’s splendour sprouts in the creations with bold and contrasting colours in dedication to the wonderful flora and fauna as well as the tiny little creatures which live secretly amongst them. The saffron shade symbolises small, yellow flowers and butterflies, while emerald green reflects the colour of grass, flower stalks and trees, and the dignified navy blue and azure refer to the sky. Amongst them also are the trendy and romantic powder pink and everlasting black and white.


There are also references to nature in luxurious materials, fabrics and decorative detailing, an ineffable charm to the collection. The pieces possess 3D materials, meshes, transparent and embroidered fabrics as well as laces, frills, feathers and prints which all reflect flowery meadows, flower petals and wings of butterflies; while decorative pearl buttons on the sleeves of a blouse or on the waist of trousers bring the crystalline dew drops to life.


Chic Comfort & Fashionable Outfit Trends

The POCA & POCA Autumn/Winter 2017 collection unifies the brand’s own unique style with the fashionable trends of the world’s leading catwalks, creating a trend that is both exceptional and world class. Addressing the desires of modern women, from jumpsuits, to high-waist trousers, to elegant blouses, graceful capes, stylish dresses and classic pencil skirts, each piece fulfils the promise of a refined and avant-garde style.


Majestic and distinct designs provide the wearer a feeling of comfort with a chic touch, as luxurious fabrics ensure an aura of bliss with a relaxed sensation. These creations give the silhouette a dignified and feminine look while ensuring chic comfort. Charming basquines, delicate lines of flounces, subtle sheerings, polished fastenings and gentle folds modestly slenderize the body and highlight its biggest assets.


Sophisticated & Feminine Skirts for Every Occasion

A journey to the magical garden allows POCA & POCA to grasp the timeless beauty of nature and to create “The Secret Lifecollection, which reincarnates a world full of grace and ethereal femininity. The quintessence of the pieces lies in the excellent design and selection of fabrics, patterns, and colours, which ultimately suits every woman and simply completes a glamorous outfit.


High-waist pencil skirts as well as skirts with asymmetric bottoms both highlight the beauty of the feminine figure with grace. Match them with a blouse and accessories, and the outfit is transformed from day to evening wear, just like the wave of a magic wand. Substitute a skirt for flare trousers or high-waist fitted pants decorated with charming pearl buttons, and the look is changed to one fit for a formal occasion. Stylish jumpsuitsmake the perfect attire for both work and play, while elegant formal dresses are the perfect choice for cocktail parties, banquets, or the operatheatre. Whatever the occasion, the POCA & POCA Autumn/Winter 2017 ‘The Secret Life’ collection is designed to exhibit sophisticated style and highlight the ethereal femininity in the best possible way.

Children's Collection

Fairy-tale Gardens for a Little Girl’s Collection

Inspired by the magical charm of beautiful gardens and the mysterious life of nature, the POCA & POCA Petite “The Secret Life” Autumn/Winter 2017 collection was created especially for little princesses who love to laugh and play. The theme of the collection resonates around the enchanting world of tiny creatures which secretly frolic amongst flowers and blossoming trees. Amongst them are dragonflies which barely touch the still surface of a pond, as well as the gentle butterflies fluttering around blooming flowers, while hummingbirds fly in trees and sing wonderful songs. Keeping these in mind, the collection highlights nature’s secrets, perfectly designed for elegant girls, reflecting their light-hearted spirit and adoration for fairy-tales.


A Symphony of Trouser Natural Excellence

Embracing the natural excellence of nature, POCA & POCA enriches its pieces with elegance and individualism through simple and classic forms as well as a symphony of details, adding a touch of style to the creations. From3D fabrics, to embroidery, meshes and tulles, as well as glossy materials, these fashionable element enhance the collection to a stylish level. Other details include discrete patterns and petite laces, as well as graceful pearl buttons, and sophisticated frills - elegant features which bring out a graceful style perfect for a little girl.


While every girl dreams of fairy-tales and magical kingdoms, POCA & POCA enriches those girls’ dreams by creating a collection impeccably suited for a play date or afternoon tea, combining beauty with comfort. An exclusive collection of girls clothes made with luxurious materials, providing comfort and sophistication, while highlighting a little princess beauty, sparkle and charm.


A Colourful Journey with an Adorable Jumpsuit Collection

The collection expresses nature’s wonderfully various colours, reflecting a spectrum of shades derived from the flowery fields and the sunny sky, the green treetops and the birds and butterflies fluttering in the wind. Hues which appear on charming jumpsuits, elegant dresses, treasurable capes, pretty blouses and precious high-waist skirts.


Blush pink tones derived from blooming flowers blossom on princess dresses as well as sweet blouses with short puffed sleeves and treasurable high-waist trousers. Sunny yellow shades occur on tulle skirts and butterfly blouses which adorn chic pearls symbolising dewdrops. Misty blues resemble the different colours of the sky capturing the beauty of a jumpsuit with frills as well as a dress with tulle sleeves, while the gentle white and grey tones of clouds create a checked skirt with a matching blouse and puffy tulle sleeves, as well as a high-waist skirt in a shimmering fabric, and high-waist cotton trousers with a charismatic cape. The evening gives colours of violet and black creating ethereal black polka-dot tulle skirts that are perfect for a little prima ballerina.


Elegant Dress Pieces for Charming Girls

POCA & POCA dedicates this beautiful collection to every little princess who personifies an impeccable grace and style, fulfilling her love for play and a joy for life. Through nature’s magic, the pieces embody classic forms and decorative details full of charm, lightness, and sublime sweetness. These elegant pieces are a tasteful combination of everlasting style, a timeless creation, with subtle colours making a little girl’s outfit impeccably sophisticated, extremely refined, comfortable and modest all at the same time. POCA & POCA’s collection for girls are perfectly suited for any family occasion and social celebration, allowing the little princess to elegantly explore and play with her friends. The Autumn/Winter 2017 collection takes the brand’s signature creations together with a unique style, forming cherished pieces for very original and distinctive little girls.