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Bridal Weekend 2018

Woman's Collection

A collection devoted to a bride’s special day

The ‘Bridal Weekend’ Collection is devoted to the girl who dreams of a happily ever after, where all her imaginings come alive on a day created especially for her. It is a collection committed to being part of an unforgettable memory formed from the love and devotion between two hearts celebrating their affection for each other. Synonymous with grace, style and sophistication, POCA & POCA’s very first collection dedicated to the ‘Bridal Weekend’ is a selection of hand embroidered pieces perfect for a bride’s festive weekend of celebrations in the lead up to the biggest day of her life.

Inspired by the modern woman

The ‘Bridal Weekend’ Collection has been inspired by the modern woman expressing her individuality as she conveys her joy and adoring promise on her very special matrimonial occasion. Whether she is lavish and fashion-forward; timeless and sophisticated; romantic and whimsical; traditional and graceful; playful and sweet. Each dress has been created especially with these women in mind, with the ultimatecare by POCA & POCA, so that she exudes her utmost personality on a weekend that is essentially all about her.

Dramatic creations emphasizing the silhouette

Sophisticated fabrics and dramatic structures form the theme of the collection, consisting of unique materials such as feather-like fabriccascading down the shoulders of a gown. Ruffled tulle are layered to construct the skirt of a midi volume dress as well as the sleeves to take after the wings of a butterfly. 3D flowers embellish the neckline of a cape, while also the waist ofa tea-length dress. Satin bows enhance the sleeves of a blouse as are a garland of leafy satin bows on the waistline of wide-legged pants. Organza makes a vivid presence across the collection including on a cape in a vanilla essence shade. These designs and layering put an emphasis on the architecture of the silhouette without taking away from the elegance and refinement of the creations.

Precious materials & luxurious designs

Each creation is beautifully designed using precious and luxurious elements as well as intricate detailing in keeping with POCA & POCA’s signature style.The one-of-a-kind pieces include stylish columnskirts paired with a cape-style top featuring 3D flowers, owing to the delicateness of a floral fancy. Chic jumpsuits tailored to perfection feature over-sized bows, shear cape details as well as a ruffled top stands out in the collection. Graceful long-sleeved blouses are decorated with leafy bows and are paired with chic high-waist pencil pants featuring a double tiered cascading skirt with a satin layer and decorated with feathery details on the waist. Elegant voluminous tieredtulle dresses are adorned with embossed floral basquineand ruffles along the waist and finished with tiered tulle sleeves resembling butterfly wings. Distinctive crinkled fabric make up a long-sleeved blouse featuring satin bows on the wrists and is paired with high-waist wide-legged pants with a leafy satin bow wreathed around the waist-line, reminiscent of an abundant faunal enigma.

Girl's Collection - for a little princess

Many hues of ethereal innocence

As the old saying goes, “Little girls with dreams become women with vision”. Care for your children’s own fairy tale blooming – let them dance on the meadow full of flowers or sing with birds hidden among thick crowns of trees, so they can feel like real princesses. POCA & POCA wants to fulfil every girl’s desire to be truly special – and our newest collection was designed to make sure of that. The richness of adornments, flounces and textures on frilly ruffled dresses will accompany little daredevils while they explore the enchanting beauty of childhood. Let them go on glamorous adventures dressed in delicate, exquisite fabrics enriched with refined details. Watch them blossom like a flower in playful and charming outfits. After all, who said that exclusive fashion is intended only for grown women?

The piece de resistance of the collection is an imperial full A-line bridal gown with a grandeur cathedral length train, and is luxuriously decorated with feathery cascades all over the bodice and skirt. This creation is the highlight of the ‘Bridal Weekend’ collection and isan exceptionaland a mesmerizing design, made especially for a bride on a day dedicated solely to her and her one true love.

Dedicated to the adorable flower girl

Although petite, the flower girl’s task is a big one as she leads the way down the aisle for the beautiful bride, spreading the wonderful petals from her basket along. The guests are mesmerized by the flower girls dress as she takes on the role of presenting that special moment of the wife to be.

POCA & POCA launches its very first ‘Bridal Weekend Petite’ collection of wonderfully charming dresses dedicated to the adorable flower girl on a special matrimonial day. This collection of sophisticated, elegant and delightful dresses possess impeccable detailing and a touch of whimsy, perfect for the special day. Not only are they unique, but also characterise a little princess’s persona with a gracious and playful appeal and will be perfect for a photographers dream, capturing those memories for years to come.

Sweet & sophisticated dresses for special moments

The collection of sweet and sophisticated little girls dresses embody exquisite forms and decorative details full of charm, lightness, and sublime harmony. They are hand embroidered using luxurious fabrics in a signature style synonymous with POCA & POCA. The use of superbmaterials and delicate detailing along with pristine elements create gorgeous dresses perfect for girls that are classic and timeless with a playful charm. For the exceptional weekend bridal celebrations, whether for a flower girl, a ceremonial occasion or for a bridal party, POCA & POCA’s Bridal Weekend collection for little girls is sure to leave a lasting impression during these special moments and passed down to future generations.

A collection made with refined fabrics & detailing

These exceptional girl dresses are not only a sweet addition to the bridal weekend celebrations, but also they provide an element of fun and whimsy with delightful tulle skirts, floral bodices, and hemlines trimmed with ruffles. The selected collection is extremely refined, comfortable and modest all at the same time, ideal for the little flower girl accompanying the bride as she celebrates her matrimony.

In keeping with POCA & POCA tantamount mark of using refined fabrics, exclusive detailing and distinctive elements, these one-of-a-kind Bridal Weekend Petite collection features variety of pastel shades such as powder pink, angel white or subtle gold, making for elegantly fanciful dresses for a little girl who fantasizes about twirling in her dress like a fairy-tale princess in the fancy ball, swaying her skirt and she dances across the room.

Dresses fit for every little princess

The pieces in the collection are exquisitely designed for every little princess who dreams of a happily ever after as she looks onto that magical moment that every bride experienceswhen her one true love takes her hand in marriage by devoting her love and by promising a life full of joy and happiness for eternity.

The little princess looks on as she wears a pretty tiered dress in an embossed floral fabric on the bodice, sweet bell sleeves andlayered with tulle – she resonated with an enchanting allure. She could also be wearing an angelic high-low dress decorated with butterfly-wings sleeves of pleated tulle, as well as a pleated tulle underlay– taking the lovely girl to a mystic kingdom of fair and beauty. Or in a gorgeous dress inlustrous gold, layered with a sheer tulle overlay and decorated with tulle ruffles on the shoulders– owing to the shining spotlight of a day filled with affection, enjoyment and absolute celebration.