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Classic Collection

Woman's Collection

Lose yourself in a classical symphony of patterns and fabrics

The word ‘classic’ might remind some of items outdated, boring, maybe even dedicated strictly to people refusing to accept the changes brought by modern age… But not in everlastingly exclusive fashion.

In fashion classic clothes mean timelessly elegant, but not only that… The word itself also conveys the feeling of never-ending charm and glamour shown in the form of delicate fabrics: silks, tulle, laces and more. It addresses the aura of a fairy-tale, enchanting the viewers with exquisite ruffles, flounces or sheerings - placed exactly where they can bring the potential of whole outfit to the memorable level.

POCA & POCA introduces the magnificent experience embodied in Classic Collection. With seventeen designer dresses, stylish basquines-ish skirts and creative approach to capes, every woman can rediscover what it means to be timelessly elegant, without losing their individual, modern style.

Enhancing the charisma to reinvent the basics

Whilst working on the collection, POCA & POCA focused on achieving two main - equally important, yet requiring a different approach - goals: celebrate many shades and colors of femininity, while keeping the grace and chic comfort of popular, timeless designs in clothes. Aiming to create another signature style has become the glamorous adventure, full of successful experiments. Combining fresh ideas with the exploration of frequently visited (for a reason) styles provided astounding results, overflowing with refined details, that adorn every inch of charismatic outfits.

Thanks to the bold approach the exquisite Collection of classic clothes is an embodiment of everything we hold dear: sophistication, uniqueness, elegance, splendor and, of course, curiosity arousing temptation.

Remaining graceful at any time, at any place

Elegance is not just “once in a blue moon” kind of concept. The true self should be able to present itself regardless of time, place and occasion.

The flowing pattern brings out in dresses the ethereal harmony during a cocktail or formal event, reminding that it is so easy to redefine the perception of classic clothes in the modern eye.

Desire to remain timelessly exquisite can be fulfilled thanks to a volume skirt, refined by decorative bubbles, matched together with a stunning cape tied at the waist, to enhance every asset of the body. Perfect for a rococo, yet simple lunch date.

Jumpsuits decorated with tulle ruffles and shiny details remain the bold choice suitable for women not fearing to prove that they can exhibit their confidence, without diminishing the softer, feminine side. It is the epitome of straightforward, yet chic way to establish your presence in every setting.

Because classic and modern can go side by side

Like in a classical symphony, elegant dresses and graceful skirts or capes can help discover a wide range of emotions. Toned colors might calm the soul, brave patterns can strike the curiosity while exceptional refinements will raise the joy of uniqueness and individuality. However, it’s the passion in our stylish clothes, that will remain an imperishable company - with every note, every design, every flutter of flounce and every, even the slightest, color transition.

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but classic clothes are a timeless proof, that such high level of artistry allures everyone. The careful choice of hues and colors - from blacks and whites to striking midnight blues and jasmins - turns POCA & POCA collection into a graceful composition celebrating beauty. It is ready to admonish, that classic clothes haven’t had their last word just yet.

Girl's Collection - for a little princess

Becoming remarkable in a petite size

Freedom, uninterrupted joy, the innocence exuding from every motion, every gesture, every smile… That’s what embodies the pure spirit of childhood undisturbed by concerns or troubles. Capturing that and metamorphosing into delicate fabrics and lively colors, while mixing up with comfortable designs might seem like a great challenge. But not one impossible to achieve. The exclusive proof of that are clothes from POCA & POCA’s Classic Collection in the petite version - elegant, designer dresses, blouses and more.

Selection of classic clothes dedicated to young girls lets them remain elegant without any movement restrictions. Dancing, jumping and simply enjoying every second of their glamorous day will be as easy as always. But while having fun and being their buoyant selves, they can remain stylish and charming. Distinguish themselves from the crowd, whilst showing they can fit anywhere - either while frivolously playing with peers or remaining sensible to gain approval from adults.

Striking color palette strikes the attention

Every child wants to show the world, that their voice does matter and they are ready to establish their presence. They are here now and in this instant they should be noticed and taken into account. And what else can help achieve that goal better than classic clothes vibrant colors - especially neon pink blouses or even midnight blue ones? They attract the so requested (often silently) attention. But to admonish: deeper tones, like navy blue, just as pastel hues, including light pink dresses, can also create a permanent, sophisticated mark in one’s memory.

Petite was never as stylishly visible

In POCA & POCA magnificent Classic Collection petite becomes reinvented. Sophisticated, yet lively. Tasteful, yet creative. Ethereal, yet modern. Bold, yet feminine. Addressing children’s desire to remain carefree, living to the fullest and gleefully embracing each day, while also slowly teaching them what does it mean to appreciate the absolute splendor of a transition into an exceptional young lady.

Offering an exclusive fashion fairy-tale, one blouse at a time

Wearing a light pink designer dress makes a child feel like a princess. But being a princess, even though it seems like a perfect dream, also holds responsibilities. That is why keeping both feet on the ground is as important as having head in the clouds. POCA & POCA Collection for petite conveys this idea, drawing inspiration from fairy-tales and children’s imagination, while adding a bit of elegant seriousness.

During every and each occasion a child should present itself nobly, without losing the playful side. Combining stylish, full of elegance and grace designs with delicate fabrics, as well as fanciful ruffles and semi-transparent refinements creates the ultimate fairy-tale image. Classic clothes perfect for every child. Perfect for their parents.

Petite collection for great dreamers

Petite or not, classic clothes emphasize the everlasting requirement of complementing the silhouette. It does not matter if a child chose a chic blouse, charming skirt or exquisite dress. Design needs to capture the carefree, youthful illusion, while enhancing the right assets of the body. Every ruffle will bring the attention to the outfit, awing equally adults and peers. Sewing remains precise on each blouse, decorated with gleaming refinements in form of elegant pearls. Transparent sleeves in dress constitute the charisma and add a bit of a mystery to the whole design.

By creating petite edition of Classic Collection POCA & POCA decided that each and every stylish child can celebrate their modern uniqueness, while still implementing in their life classical solutions.