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Limited Edition 2018

Woman's Collection

A collection reflecting the spirit of the dandelion

Spring is nature’s way of celebrating a new year, a new season, and a new life with an enriching offering of warm sunny days, clear blue skies, greenery all around and wonderful and vibrant colours. Thus, taking one on a journey of enjoyment, uplifting the senses, a delightful instant shared together and looking forward to the happy times. Spring also signifies moments of bliss, when emotions run high and dreams are made to come true; represented by a dandelion where wishes take flight to a far off destination, granted to the hopeful and the dreamer. Derived from its latest Spring/Summer 2018 ‘Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish’ Collection, POCA & POCA has introduced a ‘Limited Edition’ Collection for the very first time. This capsule collection of 6 limited edition pieces reflect the spirit of the main collection with similar designs and fabric, yet a more stylish approach to the theme. Special prints of dandelions, the main focus of the collection, have been especially created by POCA & POCA, giving a unique touch and exclusivity, specifically presented in these limited pieces.


One of a kind creations for the style-savvy, sophisticated woman

POCA & POCA’s ‘Limited Edition’ creations shed a limelight on the creativity and unique style of the brand, elevating fashion to a whole new level of inspiration and merit, yet maintaining its true essence, its elegance, sense of grace and exclusivity amongst the fashionable and trendy.

These one-of-a-kind creations were designed for the style-savvy, distinctive and sophisticated woman who always wants to stand out from the crowd, by looking and feeling different, and desires to make an impactful presence in the fast-paced world of fashion.

Handcrafted pieces using precious fabrics and detailing

Meticulously hand crafted with a unique savoir faire, using precious fabrics, and an attention to extraordinary details, is evident in the debut collection. New and classic shapes are created in crisp tones of English rose, creamy white and amplified brown, exuding a refreshingly romantic feel which makes this collection classy, refined and distinct.

The iconic designs are as fashion forward as ever and a true tribute to the art of craftsmanship. Theirintricate structuresare madewith an eye for detail and perfect for those that prefer pieces that are timeless. A particular characteristic for the collection is envisioningthe sleeve styles; whether slit sleeves, bohemian dropping or flared, they no doubt are particularly POCA & POCA.

Special prints and decorations for an inspiring collection

The collection is delightfully adorned with exceptional decorations, adding a unique flair to the collection, redefining the pieces and telling the story of a dreamer who wishes upon a dandelion. Her heart is filled with hopes and imaginations, taking her on a journey towards an optimistic venture while fantasizing about an enchanting moment filled with an eternal harmony.

Special prints of dandelions are seen on dresses draped with satin ruffles or elegant leafy garlands on the shoulders. Elegant gold marigold buttons embellish the waist of a dress or the wrists on a long-sleeved blouse; while pretty frilly ruffles of tulle decorate the shoulders of a slit-sleeve long dress, lending to the individual character of the range. Another stand out piece is the trendy high-low length skirt in a textured fabric and finished with a layer of tulle ruffles on the hemline, a piece demanding for attention.