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Limited Edition 2019

Woman's Collection

Clothes blossoming with your beauty

We are slowly leaving the frosty days and nights behind, experiencing flora and fauna coming back to life. While everything around us is blossoming, so should your wardrobe. POCA & POCA’s Spring/Summer Limited Collection 2019 can and will help you achieve this. New year, new you, new designs, fabrics, refinements and hues. Each piece was designed to enhance your beauty and every asset of the body, so you can - just like a flower - entice everyone around you.

Every blouse with ruffles and 3D flowers or elegant dress, which are a part of the Limited Collection 2019, is an embodiment of a highest form of femininity and sophistication. All remarkable clothes require courage, confidence and passion to fully expose their potential. In return they will create an aura of fanciful chic and most exquisite taste around you. You will remain subtly glamorous, standing out in the crowd, making it seem effortless.

Become a one of a kind flower amidst a meadow

There is no one like you and it should be enhanced, celebrated and proudly presented to the whole world. POCA & POCA makes it possible with Spring/Summer Limited Collection 2019, presenting you the most exclusive fashion for women. Each piece is decorated with ruffles on the neckline or frilly bottoms, but what makes them truly stand out are flowers carefully embroidered in the most flattering parts of each design. It is a sophisticated reference to a floral season, without crudely pointing it out.

POCA & POCA’s Spring/Summer Limited Collection 2019 is not for everyone - we created it for a very particular group of ladies. Women, who are ready to make a step towards a fashion revolution. Women, who appreciate chic and bold choices over plain and boorish designs, which make them just one of many - unnoticed, forgotten. This collection exposes your uniqueness, your unimpaired taste and remarkable way of perceiving the world. Do not get lost in a meadow of a repeatable flora.

Drawing inspiration from efflorescent hues

POCA & POCA’s Spring/Summer Limited Collection 2019 challenges stereotypes - every blouse with ruffles, elegant dress or exclusive skirt is a refreshing interpretation of a classic way of perceiving what spring hues should look like. We leave expressive greens, powder pinks, iridescent yellows and other pastel colours behind, while inviting sophisticated, chic and endlessly elegant blacks and whites. We change the idea that those tones are simple, lifeless and not suitable for blooming seasons such as spring and summer. After all, aren’t white and black flowers a part of nature as well?

The scent of floral delicateness

Not only the visual beauty of flowers is so appreciated around the world. People adore the exquisite smell, which surrounds every bouquet and seems to follow every person acquainted with it. This is exactly the effect we pursued while creating POCA & POCA’s Spring/Summer Limited Collection 2019. We want your friends, family and even strangers to be followed by a memory of your unique beauty and sophisticated taste. Thanks to embroidered flowers on blouses, dresses and skirts, everyone should subconsciously connect your attire to a subtle scent of the most ethereal flower.

By choosing POCA & POCA’s online clothes, you surround yourself with aura of mystery. You do not reveal too much about yourself, yet you manage to perfectly capture the interest of everyone around you. With every move of flounce, ruffle or other refinement you become the most enticing person in the building. You are seen, heard and will remain remembered. Just like the most beautiful flower.