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Mademoiselle 2018

Woman's Collection

A collection redefining elegant comfort to a sophisticated level

Whether at night or during the day, a woman’s elegance is highlighted by what she wears. Her confident aura transmits a sense of ease and femininity which is subdued yet tenacious. Her passion for an artisan tactility and the appreciation for the conventions of couture give a gestural sense of immediacy. She is full of joy and contentment, and embraces with all her heart, emitting a charismatic infatuation for all those around her. Her laugh is contagious, she has a relaxed impression, appearing assured with herself and her presence.

POCA & POCA brings forth, for the second time, its Spring/Summer 2018 Mademoiselle collection, featuring 6 limited edition looks redefining the meaning of elegant comfort, and elevating it to a sophisticated level of fashion and style. The pieces exudes with pure femininity, audacious lines and an overall sense of mystery and allure which defines the collection.

The color palette is instinctive and emanates energy

The color palette is both an instinctive and expressive combination which emanates energy and creates a harmony full of ruptures. The tones give a romantic and feminine touch, which oscillate around the silhouette, giving rise to an impression full of elegance, grace and fashionable flair.

The exclusive Mademoiselle collection for this season embodies a bold selection of hues transmitting a vibrant character, signifying the diverse world of POCA & POCA. From violet, to peach, to yellow, to maroon to grey –the shades transcend an impeccable array of tones to reflect the spring/summer season.

Luxurious fabrics that are fluid and lightweight

The main characteristic of the collection is the use of flowing fabrics giving a more relaxed approach to the feminine silhouette when it comes to dressing for any occasion whether a formal dinner, a chic lunch or a cocktail event – each piece signifies sophistication, style and ultimate perfection.

The fabrics have a tactile volatility and areexceptionally fluid and lightweight. The liquid pureness of designs include a satin fabric decorating the bodice of a dress across the waist, as well as along the chest and sleevesof a jumpsuit. Tulle is seen on tiered skirts, as well as elegant sleeves of a dress which signify a unique aspect of POCA & POCA. Gorgeous velvet is draped on the sleeves and skirt of a dress taking on an exceptional feminine form. Each piece transcends a sense of grace, elegance and a tranquillity giving rise to a feminine form of comfort, yet a sophistication, perfect for an intimate occasion.

The perfect ensemble to echo POCA & POCA

The silhouettes have well defined outlines and are structured with precise and exceptional cuts which are never rigid. Long and fluid with shoulders and the waist well defined, asymmetrical volumes create lines in constant movement. Decorative satin belts around the waist and demure ruffles complete the silhouettes.

The pieces include gorgeous wide-legged jumpsuits one decorated with a flounce on the bodice and sleeves, while another with an elegant basquine and cascading tulle sleeves. Graceful long dresses feature floral chalice flounces as well as frilly sleeves and richly pleated skirt, an ode to the fashion of the roaring golden years. Glamorous blouses decorated with sensational ruffles are teamed with a high-waist wide-legged pants as well as a high-waist maxi skirt, the perfect ensemble to magnificently echo in POCA & POCA’s Mademoiselle Collection for this season.