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 Megan Hess 2017

Woman's Collection

A Collection Reminiscing the Royal Ballet

POCA & POCA has partnered with the renowned fashion illustrator, Megan Hess, to create a limited edition collection inspired by ballerinas performing in the regal halls of a palace, as they dance and swiftly move along to a majestic symphony, reminiscing the Palace Ballet. The collection involves 6 looks encompassing beautifully illustrated ballerinas created by Hess herself, all dressed in little black dresses, dancing in an incredible Grand Palace.


Beautiful Illustrations & Fantastic Designs

The collection features stunning illustrations depicting elegant ballerinas in various movements of ballet, recreating a grand splendor and grace reflected in the wonderful women ballet dancers celebrated by royals and elites enjoying their performances. The sophisticated colors of the collection include a simplistic yet refined palette of gold, white and black tones which depict noble refinement and beauty. The pieces highlight the pure feminine form of a graceful prima ballerina whether dressed for an evening to impress, or a formal day event with her friends, or even an elegant afternoon tea in a rose garden.

Elegant Details & Fabulous Fabrics

Glamorous pieces in the collection feature elegant details which have become synonymous with the charm of POCA & POCA. From blouses with bottle sleeves to banana pants to pencil as well as volume skirts, all these creations are finished with gold buttons and truly embody the POCA & POCA signature style. In using sumptuous quilted fabrics teamed with luxurious tulle, POCA & POCA propels its beautiful and feminine silhouettes in dresses, high-waist trousers and blouses. Transparent fabrics envelop arms and necklines like an aerial mist, hovering around secret fantasies, while well-fitting pencil skirts and high waist pants underline a silhouette allurement.

Bottle Sleeves, Volume Skirts, Theatrical Creations

Emphasized particularly in the blouses, the bottle sleeves are a main feature in the Palace Ballet collection, a stylish and chic trend adding sophistication to the pieces. This statement style celebrates a woman’s flair and fashionable personality with an element of fun, dramatic and is perfect for making a theatrical presence.

The volume skirts create the ultra-feminine silhouette, a central piece in the collection depicting a key characteristic reflecting the principal theme which is grace and beauty. The voluminous proportion is teamed with a short blouse, revealing the full extent of the pure style which embraces the wonderful dramatic effect of the style.