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Ramadan 2018

Woman's Collection

Celebrating the spirit of Ramadan with a dedicated collection

Ramadan is a time for reflection, devotion and patience; a time for practicing faith, for being modest, and for being committed to the act of giving and generosity. Celebrating the spirit of this occasion,  POCA & POCA has created a dedicated collection for the month of Ramadan, especially for those women who celebrate this faithful time of the year.

The collection is comprised of 16 looks reflecting elegance, modesty and simplicity, and are the perfect pieces for every woman who wishes to look and feel sophisticated and stylish, while at the same time have a sense of demure and poise when it comes to dressing for the Ramadan occasion.


A selection of elegant pieces perfect for the occasion

The collection’s elegance is amplified by exquisite fabrics and creative designs, transcending elegance, beauty and grace, characteristics reflecting the perfect woman, as she dresses for the occasion. This exclusive collection features a selection of elegant blouses, chic wide legged pants and stylish long dresses, some featuring embossed designs enhanced with metallic details, defining POCA & POCA’s ease and femininity.

Classic shades of beige, gold, silver and black are the main insignia of the collection, tones which stand the test of time and commemorate the enigmatic night sky, a significant symbol for Ramadan, highlighting the beautiful moon crescent and stars. Lavish fabrics such as satin and tulle add a sense of poignancy to the creations, whileunfolding high-neck lines are seen as part of fluent silk dresses. Bubble sleeves are adorned with metallic elements, as well as refined tieredruffles add a dramatic character to the sleeves of a blouse or the skirt of a dress, engaging a distinct signature style purely for POCA & POCA. 

Decorative elements leave a lasting impression

Pieces are adorned with applique detailing for a more glamorous look, owing to the luxurious finishing of the designs. These details carry a major impact with striking lines and eye-catching combinations. Contrasting ruffles and tulle add a flash of unexpected contemporary design to a selection of skirts and dresses, creating an impeccable flair to the pieces.

In keeping with POCA & POCA’s signature style, decorative elements are added to the pieces to highlight the features and leave a lasting impression. Silver and gold bubbles are added to the bell sleeves of a dress to accentuate its characteristic. Chic gold leafy bows align the long sleeves of a blouse and revolve around the waist of wide legged pants. Gold marigold buttons are added to the sleeves while ruffled tulle decorate the shoulders of a blouse and the length of a skirt.

Timeless pieces for the elegant woman

The collection comprises of the perfect ensemble for sunset feasts and evening gatherings of friends over sweets and tea, reminiscing on moments of friendship, enjoyment and inspirations. The pieces are impeccably put together to reflect a sense of modesty, while maintaining a fashionable sense of elegance and sophistication.

The looks include a maxi dress with embossed floral bodice and basquine, with tiered tulle on the sleeves and skirt, as well as an embossed floral cape tied at waist matched with banana style high-waist pants, decorated with gold bubbles on the ankles. Another look is along-sleeved blouse with a high collar, decorated with flounce and gold marigold buttons teamed with high-waist wide legged pants, decorated with luxurious leafy bows on the waist. These are just some pieces commemorating the rich culture and fashionable legacy surrounding the true essence of Ramadan.