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Simple Sample AW 2018

Woman's Collection

Simplicity and class in fashion

Can minimalist women's clothes be both stylish and original? For fans of elegant simplicity, we have created the Simple Sample AW 2018 collection, which fits perfectly into this trend, but at the same time carries the secret charm of POCA & POCA. Simple Sample is a line of 12 elegant clothes for women who want to look stunning and at the same time unpretentious every day and on special occasions.

Minimalist wardrobe with a twist

The POCA & POCA Simple Sample AW 2018 collection includes everything a minimalist elegant wardrobe needs. In the morning, you just need to reach for elegant women's pants with straight legs or chic tulip skirts with high waist. Combined with a women's white elegant blouse with golden buttons or emerald or white blouse with a cascade bolero, they will create a stylish outfit for work or for a business banquet. For such occasions, a waist-fitted white women's jumpsuit with long legs, whose simplicity is broken by subtle flounces on the sleeves and pearl buttons on the cuffs of long sleeves, will be also good. Gently flared, asymmetrical skirts are in turn airy solutions for weekend chill out or party in the garden. An interesting choice that will match them will be a women's blouse with a basque and golden buttons, emphasized by a belt with a bow and sweet, wide sleeves, which bring to the mind the petals of a lily of the valley. Identical sleeves can be also found in an elegant POCA & POCA dress, which — like other sophisticated long dresses from Simple Sample AW 2018 collection — will add splendour to a festive party or a night out on a romantic dinner, in theatre or opera.

White, emerald and stunning details

The main colours of Simple Sample collection are classic, noble white and phenomenal emerald with subtle shine. The delicacy and simplicity of colours of the collection are accentuated by classic cuts, and they are broken by unique accessories, so characteristic of the refined POCA & POCA women's clothing. We opted for beautiful buttons, but most of all for playing with fabrics - their various cuts and textures allowed us to maintain the effect of minimalism with a touch of finesse. Thanks to this the feminine beauty is subtly highlighted but not exaggerated. Skirts which fabrics are softly falling down, pleated dresses and other garments are full of lightness of a butterfly and feminine charm.Enchanting flounces, delicate creases and underlined waist are details which have two functions: they make a simple outfit more sophisticated, and at the same time they optically slim the silhouette and provide comfort in every situation.

Discreet essence of femininity

With the POCA & POCA Simple Sample AW 2018 collection we show that minimalism in fashion has many facets. We are used to the fact that minimalist outfits are at most simple T-shirts combined in a chic version with women's suits and high heels. Such a style, although attractive, is nevertheless very unisex, and therefore not suitable for everyone and not becoming in every situation. Trends will be trends, but each woman should have in her wardrobe some clothes that, however modest, are touched with real essence and magic of femininity. We have discovered this magic in nature - the ethereal wings of dragonflies, pinnate clouds, floral petals, morning dew and evening sky. We brought these inspirations straight to our design studio and out of them we conjured elegant women's clothes, in which minimalism is interwoven with sophisticated accessories.