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Simple Sample SS 2018

Woman's Collection

Elegant simplicity for a remarkable attire

Inspired by a lifestyle of elegant simplicity, POCA & POCA presents, for the very first time, a collection titled ‘Simple Sample’, reflecting the natural beauty of creations perfect for a remarkable attire for the sophisticated woman for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

The collection brings together a set of 12 looks dedicated to the everyday wardrobe, whether at work or on the go, without losing the true essence and magical touch of POCA & POCA. Each piece is inspired by a woman's effortless approach to fashion, confident in her own skin yet sophisticated and elegant in a natural way.

A collection mirroring a diverse and vibrant flair

The designs draw inspiration from POCA & POCA’s signature creations, and sophisticated style that serves as the essence of the new ‘Simple Sample’ Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Tailored by hand using sophisticated techniques with skillful precision and finished with the brand’s signature baby pink thread, the contemporary designs, feature polished styles and multi-layer assets which mirror the diverse and vibrant flair of POCA & POCA.

These creations are seen in a vibrant and crisp colour rangewhich is key to the looks, leaving room for personality, charm and beauty reflecting the ‘Simple Sample’ collection of the season. Varying hues of coral pink, peach, white, denim blue as well as baby blue are seen across the entire collection giving rise to a colourful ensemble perfect for spring.

Luxurious materials and decorative details for each creation

POCA & POCA has always been known for elevating its creations to new heights, thus designing unique pieces with a distinct quintessence and exceptional style that could certainly be distinguished from the fashionable collectives of today. An understated elegance with a spot of drama adds an exemplary tone to the pieces, enriching the creations with details perfect for the season.

The ‘Simple Sample’ collection comprises of a range of elegant dresses, chic skirts, stylish blouses, sophisticatedhigh-waist pants, classic jumpsuits and an essential cape. Each creation is made using luxurious materials of satin, tulle and textured fabric, and of course finished with a touch of decorative details such as butterfly blouses, ruffles on the shoulders and around the waist, bubble style sleeves, as well as gold buttons on the sleeves or waist line.

An ensemble for the fun-loving and beautiful spirit

The collection embodies a characterization for a woman with a fun-loving spirit, a beautiful essence and a magical soul, with yet a softer and more approachable panache to the brand’s main collection, thus a ‘Simple Sample’ collection. The designs are ultra-feminine, presenting a refined take on femininity, a collection exuding with sophistication and grace while captivating the elegant shape of the woman, in a style completely her own.

The pieces include a long-sleeved blouse with textured fabric on the bodice, decorated with layered tulle on the shoulders and gold buttons, matched with wide-legged pants in textured shiny fabric, decorated with gold buttons along the sides. A midi dress with globed skirt decorated with layered ruffles on the shoulders and copper shiny details. A pencil jumpsuit with cap sleeves, decorated with copper shiny ruffles on the shoulders and gold buttons on the waist. A blouse with textured fabric on the bodice and transparent puff sleeves decorated with ruffles on the shoulders, teamed with high-waist pencil pants in satin fabric decorated with big pockets and gold buttons.