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Spring / Summer 2017

Woman's Collection

A Tribute to a Lady’s Beauty

The inspiration behind POCA & POCA’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collections the profound beauty of nature within an Orangery, an exquisite sanctuary of natural surroundings expressed through a collection of multicolored shapes, gentle lines and enthralling hues. Devoted to the contemporary woman, the collection captivates her grace, elegance and sophistication as she takes refuge amongst stunning flowers, trees and nature’s treasure, contemplating the harmony of the world. Expressed through her beauty, all pieces of POCA & POCA’s collection captures her magnificence in a frame, reflecting her own unique style.

Colourful Hues, Delicacy of Feathers

The theme of the collection revolves around the conservatories of palaces where lush greenery and blooms are sealed away from the harsh winter months, recreating the mood of spring within a sanctuary of natural splendor. The balanced color palette includes ivory white, ruby red and emerald green, warm yellow and calm blue. An array of hues, including both warm and cool shades, allows to express the full scale of nature’s spirit reflected in a collection symbolizing regal femininity and elegance. The pieces are adorned with ethereal feathers and cords, along with enchanting ruffles which decorate luxurious fabrics. They are finished with majestic details, like gold buttons and chic collars, creating a grandness to the collection. The essence of POCA & POCA’s WOMAN Spring / Summer 2017 Collection is the timeless long dress and pencil skirt which are perfect for any occasion. Classic cuts add simplicity, without compromising the uniqueness in style and elegance, especially when it embraces volatile voile sleeves or feathers on the shoulders. A mixture of high-quality fabrics evokes a luxurious flair reflecting the elegance of a floral fancy such as magnificent peonies, adorned roses and fragrant jasmine flowers, creating the ultimate collection paying tribute to the feminine timeless beauty.

Clarity of Voile, Elegant High Collars

Voile with mesh details, ruffles on the shoulders compelling butterfly wings are connected with flowing lines of decorative cords. Theseunwavering characteristics highlight the pure feminine form in her individuality, signifying the charm of POCA & POCA. High collars enhance the gracefulness of a dress or a blouse, imitating a swan’s neck, embellished with gold buttonswith stately dignity. Transparent fabrics envelop arms and necklines like an aerial mist, hovering around secret fantasies, while well-fitting pencil skirts and high waist pants underline a silhouette allurement.

A Contemporary Empress Chooses Long Dresses

Particularly appreciated are blouses – SS17 BL04, SS17 BL38 and the pearl of season – SS17 BL15, being a perfect complement forhigh waist pants with bell legs and pencil skirts, among the most popular are skirts SS17 SK02, SS17 SK36 and pants SS17 PA13 and SS17 PA34. The highlight of the collection are long dresses – hypnotic by black-white pattern SS27 DR10 or amazing symphony of various textures – SS17 DR12.