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Spring / Summer 2018

Woman's Collection

A collection dedicated to the whimsical magnificence

The Spring/Summer 2018 ‘Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish’ collection revolves around the theme of the hopeful well-wisher who dreams about making all her dreams come true. She spots a dandelion growing in the midst of the green grass, a soft spherical cloud inviting those to blow on its feathery light seeds and wish for something they have been longing for. Thus the name of the collection is dedicated to this nostalgic moment of desirable bliss. Delicacy, grace, purity, charm and lightness are the inspirations behind POCA & POCA’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection, a title devoted to the whimsical and elusive magnificence of the dandelion which is a symbol of hope, dreams and wishes coming true.

Fabrics embodying elegance and sophistication

Just like in a fantasy, the kind that favoursfanciful thoughts, imaginations and desires, while discovering the wonders and beauty of the world in new perspectives. Like seeking the mystery of the dandelion and envisioning where these little parasols carrying its seeds will end up, or rather where they will begin a new life to grow and flourish amongst the greens.

The Spring/Summer 2018 ‘Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish’ collection embodies elegance and sophistication reflecting a sense of romance to the feminine form found in delicate and light fabrics of tulle, lace, silk, valance and pleats. An echo to the theme which carries with it the markof grace and beauty of the dandelion.

Gentle details reflecting the daintiness of dandelions

All of the creations found in POCA & POCA’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection embrace gentle ruffles, soft 3D as well as laser cut fabrics in modest colours of white, cream, copper yellow, sand and black - all perfectly reflecting the exquisiteness and daintiness of dandelions.

The pieces making up the collection comprise of large volume skirts, high-waist trousers with large pockets on the sides, wide-legged jumpsuits one with decorative leaves along the waist, long dresses and elegant blouses some decorated with leaves on the shoulders, and another with bows along the sleeves.

Designs for the fashionable woman

The Spring/Summer 2018 ‘Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish’ Collection have been meticulously designed and handcrafted by POCA & POCA’s master tailors creating exceptionally trendy pieces for the fashionable woman. Each piece has been especially made for the charming woman, personifying her original and charismatic sense of style.

The exclusive looks were especially created for the season including an off the shoulder crinkled fabric blouse with organza bohemian drooping sleeves,teamed with a midi patchwork striped skirt decorated with cirrous details and openwork textured ruffles. A midi dress with embossed fabric on the bodice and multilayer tulle skirt, decorated with butterfly wings ruffled sleeves. A layered blouse decorated with laser cut floral fabric on the sleeves, matched with a layered high-waist midi skirt decorated with laser cut floral fabric overlay. A shimmering maxi dress with flared sleeves, decorated with leafy garland on the shoulders. As well as a blouse with bare shoulders and bateau neckline, decorated with bows tied on the sleeves set with a high low skirt decorated with tulle ruffles along the lining. A long sleeved high collar blouse decorated with silk ruffles on the chest, tulle layered ruffles on the shoulders and combined with a gold high waist wide legged pants, decorated with luxurious leafy bows garland around the waist. These are only some of the looks making up the beautiful collection for Spring/Summer 2018.

Children's Collection

An exceptional collection for charming little girls

Every little girl dreams of her wishes come true,whether pretending to be a fairy waving her magical wand to grant the desires of those around her, or a little princess wishing upon a star for her hopes to become a reality.Or even dancing around in the meadow with her dress swaying in the wind amongst the tall green grass and coming across a beautifully propped up dandelion with its spherically white seeds resembling little parasols – a symbolic flower dedicated to granting the wishes and desires for those who close their eyes, make a wish and blow on these tiny seeds as they scatter into the gorgeous sunny sky carrying a little girl’s heart’s desires with them.

POCA & POCA introduces its new Spring/Summer 2018 ‘Close your eyes and make a wish’ collection dedicated to little princesses who are fun, loving and playfully charming. The collection draws inspiration from the delicacy and beauty of the dandelion, owing to the delightful nature of the flower, bringing with it a sense of intrigue and wishful optimism embodied by the blossoming wildflower.

Bold colours & superior fabrics for the season

Delicate materials in summery hues make up POCA & POCA’s latest Petite collection, reflecting the colourful spring season. The pieces are created using light shades of cream, baby pink and white contrasting with a palette extending to more intense, bold shades such as royal blue, fuchsia and black. The colours become obvious and bloom over the collection through blouses, dresses, high-waist trousers and jumpsuits; or a combination of looks carefully put together with an eye for detail.

The collection ismade by combiningsuperior fabrics of tulle, satin, tafta, as well as a luxurious embossed fabric befitting for the season and trend. They unfold like graceful details on shoulders, the waist or neckline, elaborating each creation and taking it to a new level. They are reminiscent of the charming and playful little girl wishing for her true desires.

Decorative details in each creation

In keeping with POCA & POCA’s signature looks, decorative details are added to the creations, accentuating the designs, taking them to a whole new dimension of fashionable style, perfectly put together for an ensemble commemorating the beauty and charm of a little girl. Lovely dresses are finished with tulle ruffles on the shoulders and skirt; pretty jumpsuits feature large pockets and are decorated with charming bows; sweet blouses are adorned with frills on the shoulders, as well as airy feathers and pearl bubbles; delicate shorts are embellished with lovely pastel insets and rose petal buttons; whileexquisite skirts are glistening with tiny silver sparkles, as well as with lovely leafy bows, which are perfect for little girls in love with earth’s unique nature.

Designs perfect for every occasion

The POCA & POCA Spring/Summer 2018 ‘Close your eyes & make a wish’ collection is a celebrated collective of designs perfect for every spirited and blissful occasion for little girls who love to dream, laugh and play. The pieces reflect a dreamy aura in every little princess, including a blouse with frilly flounce and airy feathers decorated with pearl bubbles with matching shorts in a similar frilly flounce and airy feathers decorated with pearl bubbles on silver straps. As well as a jumpsuit with textured silver details and lovely leafy bows; and a blouse with princess puffy sleeves, textured glossy details and ruffled wings on the shoulders teamed with a layered voluminous skirt with a tafta underlay and a pleated tulle overlay. A handful of pieces which have been designed for every little girl’s dreams come true.