Children collection Autumn / Winter 2022

The new POCA & POCA children collection impresses with fairy-tale character, which was created for every Autumn Princess who wants to stand out from the crowd and breaking out of the classic, standard, well-worn frames and schemes. The multitude of our creations and the fancifulness of modern forms will allow you to compose both daily, comfortable outfits, as well as creating refined, elegant stylizations, tailored to the unique needs and occasions of each noble, young lady. With us, you can break the autumn routine, focusing on fairy-tale originality and identifying yourself with one of the characters from a distant land full of magic and spells. Say goodbye to summer with a smile on your face and step into the autumn aura with a new, fairy-tale idea for yourself that you will surely love!

What's new in the children collection Autumn / Winter 2022 ?

The new children's collection is full of fabulous colors and curved shapes. You can choose from 39 original, unique products that will charm even the most demanding princess with fancy forms and noble fabrics of the highest quality. You can choose from clever dresses, subtle skirtsgraceful blouses or fantastic sets designed for children aged 7-12. Many decorative elements refer to autumn leaves falling silently, or the calyxes of September flowers. The new collection includes a whole range of colors from shy pastels - blue, pink or cream, to the strong colors of autumn-winter aura - heather, lavender, noble grays and mustard color. There will also be offers for Princesses who adore classic black or heavenly, alabaster white. Because we meet the expectations of demanding aristocrats, apart from smooth materials, there are also fashionable, captivating patterns such as checkor dots.

Exceptional inspirations

Referring to the extraordinary world of fairy tales and spells for children, POCA & POCA with great care recreates the stylizations of girl characters in completely new versions. We believe that by putting on our clothes, you will feel like one of the unique, well-known characters from fairy tales. If you've only known them from beautiful books so far, it's time to make your fiction come true. You can become one of them right now! The collection includes a modern version of the elegant Snow Queen stylization, light as a mist Cinderella's ball dress, Bella's delicate, everyday outfitor subtle styling straight from the Sleeping Beauty's chamber. Or maybe you want to be a unique, exceptional, contemporary Princess of the Porcelain Chamber? Go ahead, thanks to our other stylizations you can easily do it! Each of our products is made with great passion and the utmost attention to detail. As a result, POCA & POCA creates unique, intricate stylizations that add a pinch of magic and ephemeral nobility to the everyday life of every girl. And all this so that the little admirer of POCA & POCA could feel like a unique, first-class Princess. In such outfits you will surely enchant your surroundings!

Close your eyes and enter the magical porcelain chamber ...

Be amazed by the sophisticated shapes, the multitude of light frills, the delicacy of muslin, ethereal materials and incredible aesthetic values. Reach for pastel, subtle colors that emphasize children's carelessness and joy, or elegant, refined forms perfect for calm ladies, dignifiedly celebrating the end of summer. We are aware that each Princess is different, unique and surely everyone will find their favorite outfit in this collection. Autumn does not have to be gloomy and monotone of colors. It's only up to you if you add a little magic to it. POCA & POCA gives you a unique opportunity - feel like a unique heroine of the most beautiful fairy tale that your life spins.

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