Mini - Pastel Colours

The Mini - Pastel Colours collection features a premium selection of children’s clothing, available in dreamy, pastel shades. The collection features dresses, panties, and blouses, dedicated for children between 0 and 5 years old. With all the different models, you can create wonderful and colourful stylisations for your children, especially suitable for the spring-summer season. If you’re a parent looking for a comfortable yet stylish set of clothing for your children, the Mini - Pastel Colours collection will be a perfect addition to your kids’ wardrobe. Available in a toned-down variety of colours and a choice of sizes, this collection is exactly what you need to achieve a light and breezy summer look. All the clothes from the Mini - Pastel Colours collection have been handmade out of high-quality ingredients, including natural cotton and silk. We care that our clothes are not only fashionable, but also comfy - especially when it comes to children’s clothing. After all, what’s the point of stylish clothes if your child is going to feel terrible in them?

Gorgeous design and attention to details - what exactly makes our clothes so good

We take the extra time to make sure our clothes look just as stylish from up close as from afar. Children’s clothes designed by POCA & POCA feature a lot of attention to details, with fabulous elements including frills, buttons, and tiny bows. Before we begin the manufacturing process of our clothing, we thoroughly examine the materials to make sure they are pure and of the absolutely best quality - we won’t settle for anything less than the best. The quality of our fabrics and innovative design increase the comfort of wearing. Our clothes won’t restrict your child’s movements, keeping them happy and looking amazing throughout the day.

A variety of styles to choose from at POCA & POCA

The Mini - Pastel Colours collection offers a variety of fashionable clothes for children in a selection of vibrant colours, with powder pink and white being the dominant colors. Apart from those two, the collection includes children’s clothing in golden yellow and light blue - all with intricate details that give them a sophisticated flair. Even though the collection has been designed for the autumn/winter season, it’s perfectly suitable to wear throughout the whole year. The breezy design of the Mini - Pastel Colours collection makes them perfect for spring and summer, when the weather is hot and sunny. Whether you’re simply taking your child on a relaxing walk or you’re preparing for a big event, our clothes will definitely fit the occasion. Inside of the collection’s catalogue, you will find gorgeous light dresses with subtle frills and decorative buttons, soft panties made out of 100% cotton, and simple blouses with frilly shoulders - all in a mixture of boho and retro styles. Comfort is one of our primary goals in children’s clothing, and we always put in the effort to ensure your kids will love them.

One of a kind kid’s clothing for every occasion

Depending on the models you choose, you can create beautiful stylisations for all kinds of occasions using the Mini - Pastel Colours collection. The subtle pastel colours and simple design perfectly fit family events like birthdays or weddings, but their light and breathable structure and shape also make them ideal for everyday wearing. By choosing children’s clothing from POCA & POCA, you are buying a unique and high-quality product. Soft fabrics and unrestrictive design makes the clothing comfy and pleasant to the touch, and the high-quality of used materials ensures they are easy to clean - simply wash the clothes in a washing machine according to the instructions on the label.