Mini - Silk Collection

Mixing unmatched softness and comfort of wearing with intricate and elegant design, our Mini - Silk Collection is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something truly luxurious. The autumn/winter collection offers a variety of choices for children between the ages of 0 and 5. For centuries, we have known silk as one of the most sought-after fabrics. Nothing compares even slightly to the feeling silk has against your skin, which allowed us to create a collection that’s both as comfortable as can be and fashionable. Silk offers supreme breathability - it’s a very light fabric that will make your children comfortable even in the scorching summer sun. Silk is also wonderful at maintaining natural body temperature, with famous thermal regulation capabilities that make it one of the luxurious materials around the world. We can’t forget about silk’s widely renowned shine. Silk is one of the smoothest materials in existence, often used to make luxurious sheets and beddings. With clothes made from high-quality silk, your children will look fabulous without having to suffer because of uncomfortable clothing.

Unique children’s clothing made from silk - what’s so special about them?

With the Mini - Silk Collection, we wanted to introduce a collection that’s both fashionable and comfortable without sacrificing even a tiny bit of style in the process. To achieve that, here at POCA & POCA we use only the highest quality materials - silk, in this case. Silk is a fascinating fabric with many features and characteristics that set it apart from ordinary fabrics. For one, silk is famous for its elasticity - in general, it’s very hard to get silk clothes wrinkly as long as you’re treating them properly. However, that doesn’t mean you can just stretch silk with all your might - treat the fabric with respect and it’ll serve you for years, giving you gorgeous articles to create fabulous outfits with.

Silk kids’ outfits from POCA & POCA for every occasion

Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a specific occasion, like a family wedding or a huge birthday party, or just for an everyday set of clothes, the Mini - Silk Collection is a perfect choice. All the designs featured at POCA & POCA have been carefully thought-through, creating all-purpose outfits that combine fashion and comfort with increased versatility. We have been taking inspiration from children’s fairy tales and bedtime stories, creating stylizations that will allow your children to feel like the main character of their own fable. Combining elegance with comfort and lightness is not a simple task, especially when it comes to children’s clothing, which is exactly why we put in the extra effort when designing each of our collections. In addition to high-quality fabrics and a careful balance between elegance and a casual feel, our clothes feature a sophisticated decorative finish. Subtle ruffles on simple dresses, topped off with delicate gold buttons - all surrounded in a soft fabric that’ll keep your children comfy.

Find more intricate designs at POCA & POCA

For those searching for a truly premium experience, the Mini - Silk Collection offers a variety of luxurious articles made of the highest quality materials. The clothes are available in calm, toned-down colours, including cream, cream-pink, cream-gold, black-gold, and peach. They offer a simple design, combined with a lot of attention to detail. At POCA & POCA, you will find a range of unique collections designed for children of all ages. If you liked our autumn/winter collection, check out the spring/summer collection in our online catalogue.