Get your outfit ready for the special month of Ramadan

Our Poca & Poca Ramadan 2021 Petite collection has been designed and prepared for one of the most special months of the whole year – Ramadan. Since we have a specially dedicated Ramadan clothing line for women, it is absolutely necessary to offer something unique for younger ladies. Ramadan is a month of reflection, spirituality and retreat – not only for grown-ups, but also for children and teenagers. Every little girl who has seen her mum pick out her glamourous, elegant and modest outfits from our collection, is certainly dreaming of wearing something that will make the two of them look great together. With Poca & Poca it is possible! Thanks to our unique collection, all the young ladies can feel as special and stylish as their mums. Now we are ready for Ramadan!

Colours, textures and fabrics that represent the night

Why is Ramadan so special? As we have already mentioned, it is the month of spirituality and deep thoughts and reflections. But it is not the only reason. During this month, the whole dynamic of life changes completely compared to the rest of the year. In the daytime, life slows down significantly and it is at night, after sunset, that most things take place. At Poca & Poca our talented designers and tailors have done a great job of reflecting the importance of the night in our outfits by using colours, textures and fabrics. The garments are mostly navy blue, white-silver and pink, which stands for the night sky, the stars and the lights. Moreover, the majority of the fabrics are silky and shiny, which makes them even more similar to glowing stars and shimmering lights. With Poca & Poca Ramadan 2021 Petite line, you can definitely express yourself with your clothes.

Modesty coupled with elegance, simplicity intertwined with great style

Even though our Ramadan Petite 2021 collection is humble, just like the month of Ramadan, it does not mean that it is ordinary or boring. If we were to describe these outfits with a few words, they would be:
Real – as they show the uniqueness of this month in a very authentic way.
Appealing – because despite being humble, they are extremely attractive and elegant.
Modest – as modesty is the essence of Ramadan. That is why we reflected it in our collection.
Argent – because this year, we decided to include a lot of silvery and white pieces.
Decent – as they are well-cut, humble and fit the Ramadan ambiance amazingly well.
Angelic – because they attract with their simplicity, glowing fabrics and delicate textures.
Neat – as they will make every little girl look stylish and dressed appropriately for Ramadan.

Shiny fabrics, lovely embellishments and interesting textures

Despite the simplicity, the modesty and calm colours, Poca & Poca Ramadan 2021 Petite clothing line is still one of a kind. It is worth paying attention to the tiny little details that make these garments absolutely unique. First of all, they have very cute embellishments, such as glass planet buttons, decorative inserts and ruffles. What is more, if we have a closer look at our fabrics, we will notice that they have very unique textures – among them you will find mottled blouses and skirts, and some delicate patterns. As far as the variety of cuts is concerned, you will find a lot of flared sleeves, wider legs, but also puffy sleeves and butterfly shoulders that emphasise the girly look of all the garments. Poca & Poca Ramadan 2021 Petite collection represents Ramadan in the best possible way – it reflects the unique character of this month through colours, textures and designs.