Let’s welcome spring and summer!

It's already time for our POCA & POCA Spring/Summer 2021 Petite collection! In this clothing line every young lady will find season appropriate outfits for herself. Certain garments are very elegant, stylish and seem perfect for special occasions: frivolous dresses with globed bottoms or flared sleeves, dresses with ruffles and many more. However, you will also find a variety of practical and comfortable clothes (still very smart and tasteful!) that are an ideal fit for busy days when you have to move around a lot: cute jumpsuits, frilly dresses and skirts, high-waisted shorts and graceful blouses with a variety of beautiful details and embellishments. In this collection there is something for every occasion, every day of the week and every mood – just have a look!

Lovely pastels and charming patterns

POCA & POCA Spring/Summer 2021 Petite clothing line features delightful girly colours with a variety of pastel shades and some brighter hues of pink, blue and green. Among them, you may notice pastel blue shorts and blouses that match the colour of the summer sky or pastel pink blouses and dresses that represent the flowers in bloom. As for more neutral colours, we have got white dresses, skirts and blouses, a very light pink dress, as well as jumpsuits and dresses in salmon. However, for certain occasions, every young lady prefers to wear something brighter and more colourful. That is why our designers have prepared bright blue and pink dresses and skirts, a blue blouse with a spring green meshy layer and interesting blue-green shorts and jumpsuits. But... let’s not forget that this is a spring and summer collection and including some appropriate patterns is absolutely a must! Our floral patterns should definitely not go unnoticed, but it is also worth looking at some polka dot patterns and feathery fabrics.

Sky-blue spring and sweet summer

If we were to describe the essence of our new Spring/Summer 2021 Petite collection for girls with a few adjectives, those adjectives would be:

Stylish – for all young ladies who like to look pretty in their tasteful outfits.
layful – thanks to all the frivolous details, extraordinary cuts and decorations.
eady-to-wear – different elements go very well together, creating complete outfits.
rresistible – because they are all special in their own way.
oticeable – their unique, exquisite style cannot go unnoticed.
irly – thanks to their remarkable combination of frills, patterns, ruffles, colours and details.

Sophisticated – they have all been designed to make you look absolutely classy.
nforgettable – for special occasions and significant moments you need unforgettable clothes.
arvellous – you can just fall in love with them at first sight!
ysterious – because every special outfit has a tinge of mystery in it.
legant – thanks to their carefully-crafted details and cuts.
avishing – because they are simply delightful.

Decorative details

POCA & POCA designers pay attention to the tiniest details. After all, these little elements are the icing on the cake of their extraordinary creations. Therefore, if you have a closer look at our clothing line, you will notice very well-thought-out decorations: glass or gold planets buttons, meshy layers, multi-layered collars, ruffles, feathery fabrics, butterfly sleeves, asymmetrical collars, flared sleeves and more. These details are what distinguishes POCA & POCA among other clothes and what creates our unique, one-of-a-kind style. People say that the devil is in the details – in our case it is undeniably true and our Spring/Summer 2021 Petite clothing line is no exception!