Spring / Summer 2022 Children's Collection from POCA & POCA

Full of light colours and delicate fabrics, the Spring / Summer 2022 collection for children draws inspiration straight from nature. From vibrant tulips to lush rose bushes, we wanted this collection to capture the essence of plantlife - their calming presence and variety of shades. The Spring / Summer Children’s Collection for 2022 brings a splash of freshness into POCA & POCA catalogue, dedicated for girls between the 7-12 years old. With nature-inspired designs and high-quality fabrics, this collection features master craftsmanship combined with gentle textures and gorgeous adornments. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous new jumpsuit for your little girl, decorated with ruffles and gold buttons and tied in the back, or a stunning pink dress adorned with layered ruffles along the bottom, the Spring / Summer 2022 collection will surprise you with many amazing creations.


Premium materials and artisan craftsmanship at POCA & POCA

Here at POCA & POCA, quality is our utmost priority - along with your satisfaction from owning gorgeous, high-quality clothes that your children can shine in. When sewing our clothes, we make use of only premium materials that look great and feel super comfortable to wear. After all, we believe that comfort should always be the biggest concern when designing and producing clothes for children - we want them to feel just great as they look. With this collection, we wanted to provide parents with a gentle yet stunning clothing option for their children that will suit a garden party as well as a formal event. Inside the collection, you’ll find jumpsuits, dresses, blouses, and more articles - all designed around the theme of flowers and plant life, with flowing fabrics and pastel colours. Little details like golden buttons and layered ruffles fill the creations, giving them a gorgeous look. All of our clothes are handmade by professional artisans with years of experience in making high-quality textiles. In combination with premium materials, this allows POCA & POCA clothes to look and feel amazing at the same time. With a large selection of beautiful clothes to choose from, the Spring / Summer 2022 collection for girls between 7 and 12 years presents a cheerful and colourful option for the coming months.


Unique designs and attention to detail - the Spring / Summer 2022 Collection for Children

No two of our designs are ever the same - here at POCA & POCA, we constantly work on discovering new intriguing designs that will shock and amaze with their beauty. Uniqueness is our motto - with the Spring / Summer 2022 collection, your girls will look fresh and breezy, adorned in stunning, delicate colours - a versatile choice that will work wonders on any occasion. The Spring / Summer collection this year has been designed with the outdoors in mind - it’ll go great for any type of outside activity like a backyard garden party or a family barbecue, but it’s sophisticated designs will also work great for official occasions like wedding receptions. The toned-down, colourful creations go great with a variety of accessories and additional elements, giving you the opportunity to create truly breathtaking outfits. For more original designs for children and adults, check out the rest of POCA & POCA catalogues. We create sophisticated creations for girls of all ages, with 0-6 year old collections available for the parents who want their children to shine from the earliest years of their life.