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Hair Bands 

Hair Bands


Best jewellery for a young lady

Marilyn Monroe sang that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and admittedly, she had a great taste for jewellery. No one will argue that fine jewels are like a cherry on top of anything that we are wearing. They may give a new touch and highlight the simplest and most modest garments. And what about younger girls? What accessories are there for them to use in order to bring out the best in their outfits?

At POCA & POCA we were inspired by Claris – the chicest mouse in Paris from the book by Megan Hess. Megan is a globally famous Australian illustrator, whose character, Claris, has won the hearts of young girls all around the world: they love to listen to or read the books, admire all the carefully drawn illustrations and simply immerse themselves in her fashion-driven adventures.

Hence, our line of hair bands and hair clips is 100% Claris-inspired. And undeniably cute!

Give your hair a tinge of Claris

POCA & POCA has got the whole collection of girl’s clothes that derives from books about Claris and her adventures in Paris and on the French Riviera. But what would make these or any other clothes look more complete? Of course, some fine accessories. Every elegant young lady likes to experiment with her hair: buns, space buns, braids, ponytails, you name it. But imagine that all those hairdos could be decorated with a cute little picture of Claris, just the way Megan Hess drew her in her books! Yes, now it is possible with our unique line of hair bands and hair clips. Aren’t they just adorable? And... we have some good news for each and every little girl who dreams about becoming a princess. POCA & POCA’s collection also features hair bands and clips with lovely crown embellishments. That is even better than jewellery!

Hair accessories straight from a fairy tale

POCA & POCA has prepared a set of hair accessories for girls that are definitely one of a kind, with carefully crafted details and embellishments. What are they like? Let us walk you through this:

H stands for high-quality, because they are made of the best materials.

A stands for amazing designs and colours.

I stands for impeccable, because these accessories are absolutely flawless!

R stands for resilient. They are high quality products that do not break easily.

B stands for beautiful. The way every girl feels when she wears our hair bands and hair clips.

A stands for authentic, because they look exactly like the drawings in Megan’s books.

N stands for noble, because they are elegance and class personified.

D stands for dazzling. As simple as that.

S stands for sophisticated, because they are not just like any other hair bands.

No bad hair day with POCA & POCA!

Somebody has once said that every girl has a bad hair day from time to time. But honestly, can one possibly have a bad hair day with these beautiful hair bands and hair clips? Even the simplest ponytail will not look mundane when decorated with colourful and lovely accessories from POCA & POCA. So... just let your hair down and relax. After all, Claris made her way to Paris and then to the French Riviera to pick up some ideas inspiration for you. Merci beaucoup, Claris!

For every girl that wants to have Claris by her side at all times, we have hair clips and hair bands that picture her face: no different from Megan’s illustrations! For all the girls that want to feel like a princess we have beautiful accessories with a crown motive on them. No matter which one you pick, they are definitely going to make your hair look great!