POCA & POCA MINI collection Autumn / Winter 2022

The little girl's world is magic in itself. Externalize it with the latest POCA & POCA Mini Collection. Make each day a celebration of joy and carefree, caused by unrestricted, inspiring fun. Winter days can be full of pastel colors and colorful patterns. Enter the enchanted porcelain chamber, drink warm, cinnamon tea from a porcelain cup, put on one of our latest styling and pour magic every day. Immerse yourself in the softness of the fabric, inspired by the delicacy of September velvets and charm with airy, delicate forms and fabulous colors that chase away autumn boredom. Create your new image with us, full of childhood optimism and original, subtle character.

What can we find in the new POCA & POCA MINI collection Autumn / Winter 2022 ?

The new POCA & POCA Mini collection consists of 20 original styles created with tenderness and a great sense of aesthetics and pietism. It is aimed at the youngest and the most demanding POCA & POCA fans aged 1-6 who appreciate the highest quality materials and finishes as well as absolute comfort. The leitmotif of the collection is an enchanted palace, shrouded in a magical mist, situated in a distant land of blooming heathers, which resulted in the creation of fancy dresses that combine fairy-tale magic with practicality and comfort. The collection is dominated by warm and pastel colors, perfectly reflecting the girl's innocence and carefree, and retaining memories of joyful summer days. You can choose from creations in the colors of sweet, powdery pink, perfect for any occasion, ripening peach perfectly reflecting the energetic character of the owner, noble alabaster and ivory perfectly emphasizing elegance, or blooming heather, referring to the autumn emerging in our hearts and surroundings.

Fabulous and autumn originality

Pastel colors and patterned fabrics referring to carefree summer days are the best idea for autumn boredom and monotony. POCA & POCA stylizations introduce you to a joyful, magical world full of fairy-tale princesses and fairies, in which you - the Princess of the Porcelain Chamber - play the most important role. Choose from clever and delicate as haze dresses and play the role of a noble princess whenever you feel like it! Little Princesses deserve the best, which is why POCA & POCA takes care of their styling - from the moment of creating the design, to sewing and finishing with the smallest details. You can be calm, your Young Lady will be fully satisfied with the delicate, airy fabrics and fancy, flared forms designed so as not to restrict movements in anything and provide full comfort to every young world explorer. The unique character of the styling is added by charming decorative elements located in the area of the sleeves and neckline, as well as the numerous, puffy frills, characteristic for the brand.

Bet on the comfort of a little princess

We understand the importance of comfort for children, this is why the dresses from the Autumn / Winter Mini 2022 collection, aimed at the Youngest Enthusiasts of the POCA & POCA brand, are designed so that no element of them causes discomfort in everyday use. We also attach great importance to the materials - their quality must be the best and the texture exceptional to fully reveal the uniqueness and originality of the styling. The latest collection includes both plain, single-colored dresses, perfect for toned Winter Princesses, as well as full of joy and fanciful patterns, perfectly emphasizing the spontaneity and energy of Rowan Ladies. You will find dresses with horizontal stripes, colorful dots, or a graceful, floral print. Regardless of whether you are a little supporter of simple or expressive forms, you will surely find the perfect styling that will fully reflect your mood, autumn character and charming girlishness.

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