Ramadan 2022: Mini

Ramadan is a time of deep prayer and devotion not only for adults, but for the youngest ones as well. With the Ramadan 2022: Mini collection designed for children between the ages of 1 and 6, we wanted to create a visual representation of the most important values and motifs connected with the most important month of the Islamic calendar - captured in elegant yet subtle outfits for the youngest. The handmade creations available in the Ramadan 2022: Mini collection by Poca & Poca were designed with care to provide a comfortable yet sophisticated option to choose when dressing your children for any occasion, both during and outside of Ramadan. Each of the outfits was expertly sewn by a master artisan, with years of experience in using the highest quality materials to create truly stunning, impressive attire. Comfort is an important characteristic of adult clothing, but it’s an absolute priority in children’s clothing. In designing the Ramadan 2022: Mini collection, we focused on premium materials and breezy fabrics, combined with sophisticated finishing touches and timeless simplicity, all captured in this special collection.


Allow your youngest to truly shine during Ramadan with the Mini collection

Staying true to the key values of Ramadan, we wanted the Ramadan 2022: Mini collection for children to reflect modesty and simplicity. Simple and modest, however, doesn’t have to mean mundane and unimaginative. This collection features a range of gorgeous dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, skirts, and shorts - all available in stunning colours. From golden dresses with bows and gold buttons, to delicate white striped dresses adorned with frills along the shoulders, the Mini Ramadan 2022 collection offers a great selection of modest yet elegant choices. While our Ramadan 2022 collection for women features dark colours and inspirations taken from the starlit night sky, the Mini collection for children between 1-6 years old presents a more toned-down palette. Shades of gold, beige, white, and cream adorn the gorgeous outfits, combined with a whole range of patterns and textures - some silky smooth, and some filled with intricate details. All of the outfits are kept simple in form, gently highlighted with decorative details like bows and buttons. For the Mini collection, we used only the highest quality fabrics and materials when creating the outfits - all handmade by expert tailors locally in Poland. Comfort and practicality are the most important aspects of children’s clothing, with style and beauty being only additions. We take that to heart at Poca & Poca, which is why the foundation of our design is always comfort with no trade-offs.


Highest quality fabrics and sophisticated design at Poca & Poca

The Ramadan 2022: Mini collection is only one of the many children’s collections we’ve designed in the past. Here at Poca & Poca, we design elegant and luxurious outfits for girls and women of all ages - each dress and every gown crafted with the exact same level of precision and attention to detail. All of our creations are available in a range of sizes and styles, with plenty of stunning choices for both children and adults. Whether you’re looking for a shimmery dress with delicate butterfly wings for your 8-year-old, or a textured jumpsuit with open shoulder detail and puffy sleeves - you’ll find it at Poca & Poca. No matter if it’s for you or your children - you’ll always be treated with luxurious, high-quality outfits when shopping at Poca & Poca.