The POCA & POCA’s little princess, returning from a fabulous garden, encountered a hitherto undiscovered chamber in her palace. Surprised by the fact that she had never been behind the door before her eyes, she decided to look what was there. As soon as she opened the door, she saw the interior filled with porcelain, which amazed and surprised her. It seemed to her that this place was some kind of magical and enchanted space that suddenly appeared in her palace. As she gently stepped between the plates and cups, she felt that she wanted to spend more time in this place. The princess of POCA & POCA has completely lost track of time playing and enjoying her newly discovered room. The longer she stayed in this place, the more she felt that something magical was happening there, which she could not explain and understand...

Outside the windows it was getting darker, so she decided that she would come back the next day. On the morrow, immediately after waking up, she ran to the other side of the palace to a newly discovered porcelain room. As she approached the door, she heard coming voices from just there. Without hesitating, she walked in and saw a little girl lying on the plates humming a song she didn't know. The girl noticed that someone had entered and replied only slightly raising her head; "I've been waiting for you since yesterday." The surprised POCA & POCA’s princess immediately asked who she was and where she came from in her palace to which the girl replied with a smile; "I am your dream just like this palace, so at least sing along with me before we disappear".


The Autumn / Winter 2022 children's collection abounds in a dozen graceful outfits for girls from 7 to 12 years of age. Inspired by fairy tales, they transfer a bit of an enchanted world to everyday life. This Fall-Winter collection is like a fascinating melody, woven with tenderness and mastery for the Little Princess fascinated by magic. The new line consists of 16 admirable looks that change like a mood - lyrical dresses with frills, comfortable outfits, such as a duet of blouses with shorts or skirts with braces, which the Little Creator of everyday miracles will be able to celebrate during enchanting, unforgettable and significant moments. This season, there are also frills and golden decorative buttons, which perfectly match the characteristic elements of the brand and the children's style. Clothes made of checkered fabrics refer to the retro style and meet all the conditions to become an everyday garment. This juxtaposition could not be complete without more decorative dresses, in girly colors, with charming patterns such as dots and flowers.



Our lover of POCA & POCA’s style can freely choose from a wide range of shades captivating with subtlety, such as delicate beige with sequin elements shimmering with every move and delicate lilac that evokes memories of Spring days. There is also a delightful pink that harmonizes with the heavenly, soothing blue. The scale ends with shades of fall consisting of mustard, brown and gray tones, ending with deep black. The contrast of colors evokes the glow of a seductive autumn afternoon, full of pleasure and delight, provoking adventures and being a kind of springboard for exploration, for an uninhibited parade of dreams - with full awareness, without fear and boundless children's curiosity about the world, combined with fairy-tale spontaneity.

The silhouettes are inspired by magical fairy tales and stories, they exceptionally using to the extraordinary qualities of carefully selected fabrics, which are characterized by a honeycomb texture, delicate embossing and cute sparkling sequins. The tasteful wardrobe of the Little Princess delights with dresses with frills and asymmetrical cuts. The attention to details such as the leaf-shaped ties on the arms, give a direct reference to the upcoming Autumn, which is associated with drooping, multicolored leaves.



The Autumn / Winter 2022 "Enchanted Palace" collection is available at the POCA & POCA boutique in Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall and Our on-line Shop at www.pocaandpoca.com.

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