Taking a new direction to showcase a different side to the POCA & POCA girl.

It’s a lovely spring morning; the POCA & POCA girl takes in the beautiful colours of nature as she ponders about a fresh start to the season,

and begins her wonderful day. Her style changes based on her mood, today she wears a gorgeous silk scarf along with a stunning pink dress,

with a belt bag and elegant ballerinas to complete her entire look.

By the evening, she changes into a dazzling blouse paired with graceful trousers, this time without her scarf,

but accessorizes with a dazzling gold belt and pouch, then whisks herself away into the night for some fun and laughter.

For the first time, POCA & POCA reveals its Spring/Summer 2021 collection with a new face to the POCA & POCA princess,

titling the collection “A Portrait of Me”. Her aristocratic charm and sophistication takes center stage,

while her fashionable persona styles each look in different ways,

reflected through the different silhouettes depicted through the collection’s pieces

– a woman with a choice, selecting her outfit based on the occasion and her mood.

The collection is adorned with the fabulous colours of spring comprising of the shades of pink, peach, purple, indigo, white, gold, turquoise, green, silver and black.

The pieces are made using superbly luxurious fabrics, some with characteristic prints.

Gold riveted elements embellish the collection, whether on the waist of a dress, or a jumpsuit or even a blouse.

Accessories include gold chain belts, leather belts with frill and leather mini shopper bag,

as well as delightful ballerina sling backs, leather belt bags, leather pouches and computer bags.

As a limited edition for this season, POCA & POCA collaborated with renowned Polish illustrator Karolina Pawelczyk

to create a set of exquisite silk scarves with special illustrations portraying the various styles and faces of the POCA & POCA girls in one scarf,

while in another the elegant, charming and confident woman POCA & POCA celebrates and emulates with over the seasons.

The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, and online on www.shop.pocaandpoca.com

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