Best memories come from story times

Family is one of the most important things in the world - we care about happiness of every single member, especially the younger one. This is why POCA & POCA designed a collection not only for modern women, but also their daughters, nieces and younger sisters. BEST STORIES petite brings back the memory of joyful times spent on telling fables, creating magical fantasies in your own imagination and enjoying every second of the childhood. POCA & POCA believes every child deserves to experience this carefree happiness, which is why today you can get one of exclusive dresses online, admiring an unique balance of colours visible on every fabric. Let your child enjoy the endless flounces, playful ruffles and remarkable refinements, while remaining comfortable and stylish.

Charming textures even after midnight

Every little girl admires princesses and becoming one is her biggest dream. Now it can come true and what makes it even better - charm will not end when the clock strikes twelve, as opposed to Cinderella’s story. POCA & POCA’s BEST STORIES petite collection is an embodiment of a fairy-tale every day, at any hour, at every place. Thanks to a pink dress, ombre volume skirt or dandelion fluff blouse the child’s creativity and imagination will be brought to life like never before. Thanks to one of many attires available in this online collection every young lady will stand out in a crowd - her own charm will be enhanced by exclusive textures, rainbow hues and ethereal designs. She will become the star of every day and night, admired by peers and adults. BEST STORIES petite collection allows to live childhood to the fullest, without worrying about becoming forgotten or simply unnoticed.

Get lost in a fairy-tale of delicate fabrics

By choosing the BEST STORIES petite collection, every child will gain an opportunity to begin its own tale - full of magical fabrics and remarkable designs. Every dress with ruffles or a powder pink jumpsuit is an open invitation to a new adventure, which will lead to creating new memories and the best stories. In this fairy-tale the child is its own hero. Thanks to POCA & POCA’s exclusive fashion for petite women their style shows a mix of independence - which every young lady craves - and harmonious bliss, so often associated with child’s happiness. But the beauty of each worn piece of clothing is not the only thing, which matters – the BEST STORIES petite collection is also very comfortable. Each fabric is light enough to not make playing with friends or just moving around harder and tiring. Designs lay comfortably on a silhouette unlocking the freedom to do anything and anytime, simultaneously complimenting all the assets of the body. Chic and comfortable in every setting.

Endless dreams hidden in petite clothes

Every young lady should have an opportunity to become the best version of herself, without losing her individual style and character. POCA & POCA’s BEST STORIES petite collection makes it possible, thanks to every magnificent refinement, visible on elegant dresses, blouses with ruffles or glamorous jumpsuits. This enables the child to present the world pure splendor, beauty and characteristic for children carefree charm and happiness. Now it is your turn to make all of this possible for your child - let her join the realm of fantasy, fables and most magical parties. Let her twirl, jump and play, while remaining remarkably stylish and always perfectly polished. And remember - the best stories and memories are always created together.