Autumn / Winter 2019 

Autumn / Winter 2019


Girls’ POCA & POCA Autumn Winter 2019 collection

Do you like this magical time, when the leaves sparkle with great colours, and misty mornings wrap you with the cool Autumn and Winter breeze? We love it! Therefore, put on comfortable shoes and let's set out on fashion adventure, the one that inspired us to create a unique POCA & POCA Autumn Winter 2019 girls’ collection. Let's go for a walk along the meadows, forests and snow-covered mountain hills, where you will find frills of murmuring streams, shining white mighty glaciers and delicate snowflakes covering rusty leaves and grasses in a swirling dance. And when the twilight comes, you will discover the secrets of the dark blue evening sky with grey clouds that carry a story about nature that is getting ready for the winter sleep and jumps straight into your wardrobe!

Wear a Summer memory in Autumn and Winter

It could seem that in Autumn and Winter everything sinks slowly into impenetrable white. During our expedition you will quickly find out that this is not true! This season, the Autumn and Winter world delights with pink memories of juicy summer – it is hidden in a strawberry girls’ dress with short sleeves and a lilac dress with a graceful frill and cream buttons. You will also discover that nature at this time of the year sparkles with a feast of colours... in the den of Mrs Rabbit, who gave us the idea for a funny pink rabbit skirt with braces, beige feathers and cream buttons. Yes, we admit, she offered us the sweets which were a tasty inspiration for the girls' powder pink jumpsuit decorated with a basque, charming bows on the shoulders and buttons. Animals were getting ready for the winter sleep, so gave rabbit the high-five and we went our way.

Discover the true colours of Autumn and Winter

Strolling through autumn landscapes, we came to the land of elves, from where we brought the idea of a beige and white girls’ knee-length dress with a high collar and small wings, decorated with feathers and charming ruffles. Here, we tasted forest treasures from which navy-blue girls' trousers with flounces on the sides were made, together with a matching navy-blue blouse with pleated bottom, as well as an ethereal dress with transparent frills of blueberry pirouettes. It got colder when we left the elven valley. The trail led through peaceful meadows with fast flowing mountain streams. We dived into them with our eyes and we fished out a beautiful, light blue girls’ midi skirt with a high waist and frills, reminiscent of water foam. A little further we found a knee-length sleeveless dress with a high collar and a ruffled skirt. The princess of winter dragonflies was wearing the same dress, so we decided that you should have it in your wardrobe!

Dignified winter enters the wardrobe

We climbed higher and higher. It started to snow, and a mighty glacier appeared on the horizon. It was so huge that we made a white asymmetrical dress with a bow on the shoulder from it - perfect for a stylish outing, and a classic, alabaster dress with pleated sleeves and a blouse with a straight cut, decorated with multi-layered sleeves. We already thought that these were all the surprises, but then we came across a paradise of winter flowers - we picked nice bunches of them, invited a needle and a thread to dance and that's how charming costumes for every young lady were created: open-work midi dress with frills and pleats, open-work blouse with bows on the shoulders, and an open-work knee-length girlish skirt. Soon it began to get dark. The woolly clouds appearing in the sky turned into comfortable, elegant grey girls' jumpsuits - one with short legs and a binding at the waist, and another with long legs, basque and bows sleeves. And that's how we reached you - with armfuls of clothes inspired by the Autumn and Winter aura, thanks to which you will set off on an unforgettable journey to the magical land of fashion.