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Spring / Summer 2020 

Spring / Summer 2020


Girls’ POCA & POCA Spring Summer 2020 collection

Trendy, playful and charming – this is what girls’ clothes from the latest POCA & POCA Spring Summer 2020 collection are like. Kept in classic cuts and timeless design, they offer a mature look that remains true to the charm and playfulness of POCA & POCA. Elegant girls’ clothes by POCA & POCA is always something more than just cute colours for us. The secret lies in the right cuts, top quality materials and inventive accessories, thanks to which shorts, skirts, blouses and dresses for girls are refined, modest, perfect for any occasion, and at the same time offer girlish delicacy and charm.

Hard candies mastered

When you think of the typical girls' formal clothes, they usually explode in intense pink and overwhelm with a multitude of ornaments, making the young ladies look like muffins with too much icing. In POCA & POCA we want the elegant girls’ clothes to present totally different style and allow a few-year-old lady to feel beautiful and comfortable. After all, the true beauty is in modesty! Thinking about fashionable colours and patterns of girls' clothes, we choose classic white and cream, powder pink, pale blue or yellow tulips colour. Plain, monochromatic material with a calm shade needs only a unique cut and subtle accessories to turn into an outfit that will win every girl's heart!

Trendy cuts of girls’ clothes

Well-thought cuts are one of POCA & POCA secrets. Elegant girls’ A-shaped dresses, flowing freely or with ruffles in the waistline, is a cut that perfectly fits a silhouette of every lady – also the few-years-old one. Waist-fitted girls’ dresses, reaching up to the knee or a little bit lower, provide maximum comfort of movement during joyful fun, family dinner or a walk. Their simplicity is broken by cascades of frills, tasteful buttons or trimmings with frills. We design elegant girls’ blouses, skirts and shorts in a similar way. Sophisticated girls’ blouses by POCA & POCA feature classic, simple cuts which gain playfulness thanks to puffed sleeves, accessories with frills and collars inspired by flower petals. This way we get an outfit that emphasizes the girl's charm in a distinctive way, but does not exaggerate it. We always remember about the needs of small ladies, who may need pockets for small treasures in a dress, skirt and shorts.

Materials ethereal like a butterfly

Childhood is a wonderful time of joy and fun. There are always opportunities for tricks – in fact, you should always be ready for frolics, because you never know what surprises await just around the corner! We understand this better than anyone else, and that is why the elegant girls’ clothes by POCA & POCA are made of top class materials that are not only beautiful, but also durable, they do not constrain movement, ensure optimal airflow (thanks to which the skin does not sweat) and at the same time wrap the body in pleasant warmth. We also design all our girls' clothes having different times of day and year in mind – they are designed so that you can easily add or remove additional layers to suit your current needs and weather.