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Pink Line 2020 

Pink Line 2020


Pink Line – sheer elegance... with a twist!

If you are a woman who values elegant and classy clothes with interesting elements, our POCA & POCA Pink Line was definitely designed for you! There is no doubt about the fact that these clothes are exceptionally stylish and tasteful, but they are not bland by any means, thanks to their asymmetrical cuts and cute embellishments, such as layered ruffles, gold coin buttons and higher collars. Do not hesitate to pick and choose among beautiful dresses, jumpsuits, pants, shorts, blouses and skirts created by our master tailors. Browse through our new collection to find the right outfit for every possible occasion – a meeting at work, a formal dinner, a night out with your friends or a family reunion. With our POCA & POCA 2020 Pink Line Autumn/ Winter collection you can feel warm and look cool at the same time!

POCA & POCA Pink Line 2020 will tickle you pink!

The Autumn/ Winter 2020 Pink Line, as the name clearly indicates, features a variety of pink garments – light and pastel pink skirts, dresses, blouses are definitely worth looking at. However, our range of colours is way more diverse. Alongside pink, you can also find hues and shades of blue (light blue and blue-cream), yellow, cream, beige, salmon, light brown and white. This year, the Autumn/ Winter Pink Line focuses on delicate calm, subtle and light colours that emphasise the elegance of every woman who is wearing them. These colours go perfectly well with carefully crafted details and lovely forms. You will certainly be tickled pink, as this year’s collection has a fit, a cut and a colour for every classy lady. Perhaps it is time to colour autumn and winter pink!

Glamourous garments with eccentric embellishments

If you like to impress and surprise everybody with your look, POCA & POCA Autumn/ Winter Pink Line 2020 will have several items that might catch your eye. They include asymmetrical dresses, blouses and jumpsuits with exposed shoulder that gives them an edgy touch. Some of them have one long sleeve finished with a buttoned cuff, while the other one is short and consists of loose, layered frills. Other cuts feature just one sleeve shaped like a bow. On the other hand, certain skirts and dresses have more classic sleeves and neckline. However, the asymmetry can be found in their lower hems. If you prefer less bold and rather traditional fits, there are also plenty of options for you: flattering pants and shorts, feminine blouses decorated with graceful ruffles, traditional dresses with long petal sleeves, ethereal dresses tied at the waist and many, many more.

It’s incredible how well they go together

Looking through the clothing from our Autumn/ Winter Pink Line collection, it is impossible not to notice that these items can be put together into exquisite ensembles. It does not matter whether you are more into contrast or maybe you prefer to colour-coordinate your outfits – Pink Line offers you countless possibilities of creating your own costume. Short blouses with houndstooth pattern are a perfect match for high-waisted skirts with the very same pattern, additionally decorated with a seductive slit and gold coin buttons. Simple high-waisted pants and longer shorts can easily be matched with a variety of blouses (both simple and more sophisticated ones) from this collection. POCA & POCA clothes are truly one of a kind – that is why they look best when they are worn together. We already know that this collection is absolutely irresistible...  Have a look and see if you can assemble your dream outfit!