Pink Line 2021

If you’re looking for truly remarkable women’s clothing, the Pink Line 2021 collection by POCA & POCA introduces many articles that will fit your liking. In this collection, we wanted to combine comfortable, breezy design with subtle elegance and unique colours, creating what we believe to be the perfect autumn/winter collection for 2021. The collection includes 16 distinct looks, with jumpsuits, dresses, blouses, and shorts designed to create matching stylisations. We wanted to make this collection an all-around choice - perfect for official occasions, as well as everyday wearing. Depending on the accessories and other details you decide to wear with clothes from the Pink Line 2021 collection, you can create an outfit for almost any event. The daring, contrasting colours have been designed to fit together seamlessly, allowing you to combine various models from the collection without having to worry that you’ll be “too much”. The shades are all inspired by deep and vibrant pastel colours which fit younger and more mature women alike. All clothes from the Pink Line 2021 collection are available in a selection of sizes - starting with XS, all the way to XXL, allowing you to match the sizing perfectly to your body.

Looking for unique designs? Check out Pink Line 2021!

All clothing made by POCA & POCA is designed with care by our head designer duo, who make sure each one of our collections is distinctive in its own, special way. The clothes are then handmade in Poland using high-quality materials to provide you with a unique collection that won’t only make you look good, but also feel comfortable at the same time. Intricate designs and daring colours are the defining characteristics of the Pink Line 2021 collection for autumn/winter. The clothes are available in gorgeous pastel shades, including violet, powder pink, lime green, deep orange, and white.

Pink Line 2021 - an elegant choice for every woman

In addition to beautiful colours, the Pink Line 2021 collection features intricate details to give the clothing a unique flair. Skirts with asymmetrical cuts, gold, wavy buttons, decorative frilly shoulders - these are only some of the unusual aspects of the clothes’ design. Using clothes from this collection, you’ll be able to create stylisations that fit both official events as well as everyday occasions. You won’t have a problem creating an outfit for an evening out in the city, a casual meetup with friends, or an official event that requires something distinguished. Embossed flowers, flared off shoulders, ruffled capes - the Pink Line 2021 collection has them all. We wanted the Pink Line 2021 collection to combine unequivocal elegance with a simple yet effective structure, finished off with wonderful decorative details. Outfits made from this collection will be perfect candidates for a variety of social gatherings - but they’ll also work perfectly for a tranquil casual walk through the woods.

One-of-a-kind colour combinations at POCA & POCA

Apart from simplistic design and intricate detailing, one of the defining aspects of the Pink Line 2021 collection is its variety of available colours. Pastel shades are known to fit a wide range of outfits and occasions - in addition to making you look younger while giving you plenty of elegance and style to still feel mature. If you’re looking for truly unique clothing that won’t define you, but extend your own personality instead, POCA & POCA offers an array of collections to choose from. Make sure to check out our other designs if you like what Pink Line 2021 is offering!

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