Ramadan 2019 

Ramadan 2019


From dusk till dawn

Special occasions require a noble setting. These are the moments you want to feel and experience more and remember longer. Whether it’s a holiday, a celebration, a ball, a gala, a banquet, a première of the latest play, there are days and nights when every detail matters and everyday life gives way to dignified seriousness and vibrating joy of waiting for what is to come. This is what the POCA & POCA Ramadan 2019 collection is like. It takes you to the world of discrete, royal elegance. In the collection we have merged classic cuts and shimmering, richly decorated fabrics with sophisticated stylizations, that emphasize your natural charm and the uniqueness of a lofty moment.

A touch of subtlety

You can shine like a diamond, wrap yourself in the petals of blooming flowers, become an ethereal butterfly, empress of feathery clouds or a water nymph in the morning – with POCA & POCA Ramadan 2019 collection, you will be embraced with sophisticated simplicity that evokes admiration and respect. When you want to immerse yourself in the waves of subtlety, choose an elegant, long women’s dress, elegant jumpsuit with frills or a comfortable set of golden skirt with a matching blouse. Feel the euphoric lightness of the asymmetrical cuts, that we have captured in a serpentine floral dress with graceful creases, a waist-fitted dress with covered shoulder and a charming frill, and a lunar dress that tempts with a floral theme on a silvery meadow. Become the queen of a secret river in an asymmetrical, elegant dress with one long sleeve, butterfly insert and waistline cut that gently meanders to the ground. When it’s dusk, find stylish wealth in a layered women’s dress with a creased maxi skirt, long sleeves and a high collar, or wear the diamond of the north – a refined, waist-fitted sapphire dress with an embossed floral pattern.

The richness of simplicity

Comfort and beauty, simplicity and style, seriousness and boldness, modesty and profusion – everything you have inside on this special day can be expressed by an adequate outfit. It has been known for a long time that an elegant, waist-fitted women’s dress in the shape of the letter A is women’s best friend, every day and on special occasions. This is what makes you feel careless and beautiful, and that is why you emanate a distinguished confidence. In order to fully reflect your thoughts, emotions and desires, the POCA & POCA Ramadan 2019 collection offers you this extremely popular style of dress, whose mundane character is broken by carefully selected accessories: graceful frills, cascading creases, pearl buttons and garlands of airy fabric around the sleeves. It’s these sophisticated décors that make ordinary outfits your most beautiful decoration – with this in mind, you’ll also find an adornment full of feminine charm in a women’s jumpsuit, blouse and long, high-waisted skirt.

Grand entrance

In wonderful, unique moments, you want to always look like a million dollars. So reach for the best choices of every woman, which we captured in 16 styles of our women’s POCA & POCA Ramadan 2019 collection. Here are glossy fabrics, mainly stylish jacquards, which wrap you with delicacy and surround you with sublime glow of sophisticated colours: white, beige, vanilla, powder pink, gold, silver, sapphire, graphite and black. With every step you take wearing them, you emanate aura of a timeless class – which, though abundant like a royal treasury, is tactful at the same time. It emphasizes the importance of the moment and your beauty, not overshadowing what is the most important.