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Ramadan 2019 

Ramadan 2019

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From the tales of One Thousand and One Nights

The world is full of riddles. Sometimes it is as light as a soap bubble, while sometimes it is not easy to grasp its secrets. But you always feel when something big happens, because the atmosphere around you is vibrating with incredibility! Whether it’s a holiday, a celebration, a ball or a party, you wear the most charming smile, braid your hair and look into the wardrobe with joy to find the most beautiful outfit for this magical moment, which will give it an even more festive character. We know it very well. That is why we have created the sophisticated collection POCA & POCA Ramadan for Petite 2019 – shimmering, sweet and airy realization of dreams of every girl who wants to wrap herself in floral petals, straight from her princess dressing room, and boldly face new experiences.

Floral wardrobe of a princess

What comes to your mind when you think about a big celebration? Of course! Elegant skirts, pants and dresses for girls like you! Bold, curious and original, who, in every situation – even when there is a desire for playful tricks – can present themselves impeccably, dignified and classy. To combine girlish energy, style and the need for comfort, we went... for a walk. Surrounded by the perfection of nature, we discovered beauty in simplicity and richness in modesty, which will add splendour to every moment of life that is worth to be experienced deeper and remembered forever. We conjured pleated flounces from feathery clouds and charming creases from daffodil petals. From butterfly wings we created decorative sleeves and a tiny hummingbird gave us an idea for classic cuts, in which every young lady feels and looks phenomenal.

A crown made of dewy petals

We wanted to go further to a flowery coppice, but then we got caught in a drizzle! Warm, cheerfully falling drops, through which the world looks like in a colourful kaleidoscope, inspired us to reach for glossy satin, tulle and jacquard fabrics, embossed with a delicate pattern. They were used to create luxurious clothes for girls for special occasions, in which friendly to the young silhouette cuts harmonize with timeless chic. We already picked a full basket of inspirations and were about to go back, but then we saw white, dewy lilies. They were so amazing that, at a touch of a POCA & POCA magic wand, they turned into elegant blouses and pants, and evening girls’ dresses with pearl and golden buttons – this is the crowning achievement of POCA & POCA Ramadan for Petite 2019 collection.

Endearing charm

We like nature and we always look for ideas for unusual styles in it. One day we were looking at the subtle buds of orchids, which enchanted us with the innocent whiteness of their petals. While sewing elegant white girl’s blouses, we decided to dress in them mademoiselles who want to look like a flower, welcoming a new day in the rays of the rising sun, during an important celebration. The pale pink peony gave us inspiration to create a long, pink girl’s dress, decorated with a cascade of flounces, while tulips created sophisticated pants and skirts with high waist. We also created stylish girl’s blouses with a ruffle and button-up blouses, which on long sleeves, at the waist and at the front are decorated with a frill with a stunning freesia smell. All the clothes in POCA & POCA Ramadan for Petite 2019 collection are designed so that you can conjure your own bouquet – freely combine blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses, creating your own style that will turn this one day into an unforgettable experience!