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Ramadan 2020 

Ramadan 2020


Modest and elegant, but avant-garde

This collection is called after a special time of year – Ramadan – the time of spiritual retreat, self-reflection and focus, but also the period marked by sublime moments of sharing and togetherness. Hence, it is a no-brainer that this line of clothing is very unique: it is like a perfect marriage of modesty and class, of simplicity and chic, of style and decency. In Ramadan 2020 collection, you will find no blandness or boredom. Quite the contrary, you will not be able to take your eyes off these special garments with such original details and embellishments that they are bound to make every woman feel that she looks stunning and classy. There is not a single doubt that POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 collection for women is like nothing that you have ever seen before!


Asymmetry, frills, layers and more

The clothes from POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 collection speak volumes about a woman who is wearing them. They say She is a woman of class, she is a dignified lady. One of the recurring motives in this clothing line is asymmetry: you will notice one sleeve dresses and tops, bias cut dresses, trousers with layered frill detail on one side, shorts that look nearly like skirts, off-the-shoulder dresses and irregular hems. Such designs give those outfits a slightly edgy touch. To top it off, the collection features an abundance of frills and ruffles – especially around the sleeve and neckline area, as well as layered designs that make the clothes look truly majestic. The range of colours is very soothing, including beige, dusky pink, navy blue, white, cream, light lilac, nude, black and more. Certain pieces are plain, while others are decorated with all-over patterns and designs.


Femininity at its finest

POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 collection might be all about elegance and dignity, but it is also a celebration of femininity and it definitely does justice to every woman’s feminine side. First of all, it would be difficult not to notice all the gathered waist fits in the majority of our dresses and jumpsuits. Some tops and dresses have beautiful v-necks or square necks, on others we notice seductive off-the-shoulder cuts. And then, there are elements that simply constitute the quintessence of femininity: flared butterfly sleeves, graceful ruffles, shiny embroidery, wrap, envelope styles and cuffed sleeves. Also, we should not forget all the fine details: contrast hedgehog buttons, buckled belts, patch pockets and feather-like overlay. Aren’t they divine? All the tops, skirts and shorts can be matched with each other in a variety of ways to create real eye-catching costumes. The only way they can make you feel is powerful, feminine, graceful and sublime.


Something for every time of day and for every occasion

As women, we want to look at our best for every occasion – no matter whether it is a business meeting, lunch it town with a bunch friends, romantic dinner with husband or a big cocktail party. In POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 collection, you will always pick something that will both make you look impressive and feel comfortable for each of those occasions. For daytime outings, we suggest a range of dresses and jumpsuits or shorts/skirt + top combinations in beige, cream, white or salmon. Thanks to their fits and cuts, they are very comfortable to wear, they do not hamper your movements, so it does not matter whether you spend the whole day sitting down, on the go, driving your car or dancing. If you need something special to wear for a big evening: a tea or a cocktail party, dinner with friends, you can choose among black, dark blue or grey pieces that will make you look phenomenal.