Special time requires special outfits

Ramadan is undeniably one of the most unique periods of the year. It is filled with spirituality, self-reflection, sharing and modesty. During this special month, time seems to slow down a little bit, leaving us more space to take a step back and contemplate life. It is also the moment when we pay more attention to our actions, interactions and thoughts. The first associations that come to mind when we think about the month of Ramadan are: humility, generosity, sharing and retreat. Ramadan influences what we do, what we eat, what we say and is also very often reflected in the way we dress. At Poca & Poca, we tried to embrace every little aspect of Ramadan to create an exclusive Ramadan 2021 collection for women. Just like cooks who carefully pick the right spices and measure the appropriate quantity of ingredients to make their perfect dish, our designers put a lot of thought into choosing suitable fabrics, colours, textures, cuts and details to reflect the spirit of Ramadan in our new clothing line.

Light feathers alongside majestic layers and ruffles

Poca & Poca designers and tailors sought to make this line a combination of modesty and elegance. One of the first things that stands out amongst these garments is the feathery texture of certain pieces: the collection features dresses and blouses made of feathery fabrics that look soft and very light. To counterbalance the delicate feathers, we offer dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and blouses decorated with big striking ruffles and layered elements. However, we have not forgotten about one of the most distinct features of Poca & Poca outfits, namely the asymmetry. You will find blouses and dresses with exposed shoulder, as well as skirts and dresses with elegant, asymmetrical cuts. If, on the other hand, you are more into traditional, symmetrical clothes, there are also plenty of them to choose from!

Sublime colours

The choice of colours is definitely a way of expressing the ambiance of Ramadan. In our Poca & Poca Ramadan 2021 collection the colours are calm but intense, deep but soothing and definitely appropriate for this special month. First of all, the collection features dresses, blouses, jumpsuits and pants in silver and gold, which represent grace, sophistication and generosity. Secondly, we have prepared some deep green and navy blue outfits symbolising hope, power, reliability and stability. Certain clothes have elements of violet in them, which stands for modesty, spirituality and remembrance. Last but not least, we have also included some classic black pieces that represent power, elegance and sophistication. Why don’t you let the colours on your glamourous ensembles speak for you? They can express more than a thousand words!

Be radiant, ravishing and romantic during Ramadan

Even though this clothing line is inspired by the modest ambiance of Ramadan, it is far from being bland and mundane. Actually, it is very elegant and stylish, thanks to its variety of high-quality fabrics with interesting textures and patterns and to extraordinary cuts and fits. It is bound to make you feel feminine and empowered. And do not worry – we have taken care of every little detail to make sure than the whole outfit looks 100% amazing: the garments are decorated with elegant ruffles, graceful belts and buttons and textures panels. Embrace Ramadan this year with clothes that have been designed specifically for this special month – Poca & Poca Ramadan 2021 collection for women.

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