Ramadan 2022: Petit

The Ramadan 2022: Petit Collection is one of the newest additions to Poca & Poca’s catalogue. With this unique collection, we wanted to create something truly spectacular - a set of creations inspired by the most important month of the Islamic calendar: Ramadan. Ramadan is a deeply pious time, full of praying and reflection. It’s a month of respect and fasting, as well as spending time with your closest community. We wanted this collection to represent these values, all the while providing you with gorgeous creations to dress your children with. During the time of this important month, full of spirituality and down-to-earth feelings, the Petit series from Poca & Poca will fit in just right. This collection, like the rest of our creations for Ramadan 2022, is inspired by the essence of the night and the glowing moon. The night and the moon have special significance during the month of Ramadan, which we wanted our clothes to reflect. All of this combined with extremely enjoyable and sophisticated fabrics which offer both aesthetic and thermal comfort, intricate details, and subtle yet elegant forms allowed us to create the Ramadan 2022: Petit Collection.


Ramadan 2022: Petit Collection - subtle beauty with attention to detail

For many around the world, Ramadan is the most important time every year. It’s a time of devotion and dedication, praying and fasting - but also reflecting on your life and trying to become a better person. Here at Poca & Poca, we wanted to capture the essence of Ramadan and provide you with a gorgeous collection not only for the adults, but also for children. What steps did we take to ensure this goal was met? The use of high-quality fabrics that flow and change shape was instrumental to achieving this. The materials used in making of Ramadan 2022: Petit collection are gently shimmering as the sun moves across them, which - when combined with the range of colours the collection is available in - creates something truly extraordinary. The collection also features plenty of floral inspirations, which can be easily spotted on the patterned fabrics and some of the detailing, including colorful daisies placed right on the fabric, puffy sleeves, layered ruffles, tied bows, layered frills, and gold buttons. At the same time, our priority was maximum comfort - these are, after all, clothes for our children, and we want them to stay comfortable whenever possible. However, that doesn’t mean their clothes can’t look gorgeous and sophisticated while at it, which is exactly why we wanted to combine these two worlds - timeless elegance and superior comfort of wearing.


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High-quality materials and master-level sewing make sure that children's collections designed by Poca & Poca don’t only look amazing, but also feel amazing when worn. The fabrics must be breezy and breathable, but also pleasant to the touch - we accept no trade-offs when it comes to children’s clothing. At Poca & Poca, you’ll find only luxurious and sophisticated clothing collections, designed to match the taste of even the most demanding customers. We want our clothes to be an alternative to simple designs, created with the highest quality fabrics and handmade locally in Poland. Each detail of our clothes matters, as we firmly believe that only a creation made of only gorgeous parts can be truly gorgeous itself. For more extraordinary collections, we invite you to check the entire catalogue of Poca & Poca!