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Ramadan 2020 

Ramadan 2020


Light, shiny, delicate

Ramadan is a month of focus on everything that is spiritual and sacred, rather than superficial and materialistic. Therefore, alongside the collection Ramadan 2020 for women, POCA & POCA has prepared a special line – Ramadan 2020 Petite – for girls. Our master tailors carefully picked the finest fabrics and refrained from using bright, saturated colours. Instead, they went for lovely shades of cream, beige white and gold with some shiny elements. They sought to create garments that are humble and represent modesty, but also emanate class and elegance. And... it was a great success! The blouses, dresses, skirts and shorts from POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 Petite collection are simple, yet decorated with cute elements and details. They will make every young lady look simply angelic!

Light colours for purity, details for sublimity

It is impossible not to notice that all the pieces from POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 Petite collection are characterised by light colours: white or various shades of cream and beige. Such colours symbolise the purity: the purity of heart, the purity of thought and the purity of action that are of great importance in this special time of year. Light hues do not attract too much attention, they leave space for reflection and a moment of silent retreat. But it is the little details that give our clothes a tinge of elegance and make them look sophisticated. First of all, we should mention dresses and blouses with high neck designs decorated with outstanding collars. Moreover, skirts, dresses and blouses are embellished with ruffles around the hem, the sleeves or the neckline area. The skirts and shorts are high-waisted and flared, which makes a young lady look like a lovely little fairy!

Like mother, like daughter

Every little girl dreams of being a grown woman, just like her mother, her auntie or her beloved school teacher. And from time to time, when nobody is looking, she tries on mummy’s high heels, chunky earrings and necklaces and carefully smears mum’s red lipstick on her lips. Collection POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 Petite makes these dreams come true – these pieces are classy and chic, unlike any other clothes for children. They are simply the epiphany of elegance! They are an outstanding idea for mother-daughter matching outfits for women who also wear clothes from POCA & POCA Ramadan collection. So, if you are a mum and you have already set your eyes on some elements of our Ramadan 2020 clothing line, now is the right time to pick something lovely for your daughter. Thanks to these two collections, a mum and a daughter will look fantastic together. Like mother, like daughter!

Sunrise, sunset

During the month of Ramadan, it is the sun that defines the order of things: the prayers, the meals, the moment of breaking the fast. Most activities – family gatherings, sharing the food, the first meal of the day – happen after the sunset. These blouses, dresses, skirts and shorts emanate very special energy at night, especially with their shiny elements. Some dresses and blouses are decorated with pearly buttons and tiny pearl bubbles. Jackie Kennedy once said that Pearls are always appropriate. And it is impossible to argue with her. To this collection, they add dignity and class, while still keeping it humble. In order to slightly illuminate the darkness of the night time, our team of professional designers and tailors picked out some special fabrics. Thanks to their efforts, in POCA & POCA Ramadan 2020 Petite collection, you can find gold shorts, a gold dress and a rose gold skirt. Simply delightful!