Spring / Summer 2019 

Spring / Summer 2019


Celebrate joyful days of Spring and Summer with a dash of graceful elegance

Every coming of a Spring is a chance to be reborn. Flowers bloom, trees are green again, the first shoots sprout, and the world wakes up from a long, winter dream. POCA & POCA celebrates the arrival of sunny, invigorating days with a modern, yet romantic and delicate touch to the classic, exclusive fashion for women. The new collection joins a simple, almost ascetic cut with a richness of ruffles, ribbons, buttons and flared sleeves, creating a union of sophistication and glamour. Experience the charm and gracefulness of our charming ruffled dresses, tiered skirts and high collar blouses with a silky touch. Our redefined, elegant designs will endow every woman with a possibility to explore many, many meanings and hues of femininity.

The powerfulness of a pink dress

The concept of womanhood is no longer synonymous with vulnerability. Our flamboyant, yet chic cuts and fabrics give a sense of vitality, uniqueness and energy, highlighting every woman’s exceptional and enchanting character. Luxurious fabrics combined with tasteful flowery embroideries, vintage flounces and puffy sleeves will make you feel like a princess of her own refined castle. Don’t be afraid to dazzle everyone in a richly adorned layered skirt or a subtle gown made with delicate, feathery materials. Explore the gracefulness of sophisticated, triangular necklines combined with envelope tops. Experiment with patterns, colours and embroideries, creating your own definition of stylish boldness. You might like to wear pink dresses, and that should give you the exceptional feeling of power and assertiveness.

Flamboyant elegance for every occasion

The bold ruffles on the exclusive dresses or the rich embroidery of the high-waisted shorts do not diminish versatility of our clothes. Wear the spectacular, layered skirt with glossy hourglass ruffles for astonishment, and combine it with a sophisticated blouse with high collar for elegance. Try on the soft smoke grey jumpsuit for an important business meeting – the simple, graceful cut underlines your professional and practical side, while frilly sleeves emphasize the feel of delicate femininity. Dare to put on the richly ruffled stone lavender dress to a party or a formal event and enjoy looks of sheer admiration. Go ahead and match beautifully stitched textile flowers with flouncy tops and solar buttons. Feel the unstoppable energy and the Spanish, vigorous spirit while strolling on a street in a solar topaz dress with an asymmetrical bottom. Choosing our clothing means selecting eye-catching outfits from your closet for every time of the day.

Exclusive fashion translates to comfort

Spring- and summertime bring the delight of bewildering adventures – travels into the unknown, enchantment of music, exciting new friendships. Our garments will be accompanying you during all those glamorous experiences , taking proper care of your exquisite style and comfort. The rich variety of elegant, classic jumpsuits with exposed shoulders or puffy sleeves underline the silhouette, while their light materials make a woman feel delicate and fresh. High-waisted shorts with wide legs give the figure the hourglass look, slenderising the waist. Elegant blouses with ruffled tops and necklines allow for the freedom of movement and complete the elegant outfit perfectly, emphasizing the gracefulness of the neck and arms. Explore carefully selected hues, textures and materials, and let your clothes be a manifest of your confidence and charm.