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Spring / Summer 2020 

Spring / Summer 2020


Women's POCA & POCA Spring Summer 2020 collection

The new women's POCA & POCA Spring Summer 2020 collection features feminine charm and joy, inspired by swing of the 1960s. From the decade of fashionable splendour, luxurious lifestyle and bold modernity, we have taken female strength and confidence, timeless class and cute charm. The outcome of our time and space travel is a rich collection of over 130 beautiful clothes, including elegant dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits and blouses.

This time the POCA & POCA Spring Summer 2020 collection abounds in more clothing proposals, from which you can easily create stylish sets to wear every day, for work, for a weekend trip or a celebration. Play with fashion to the sounds of swing with a note of unique POCA & POCA style now!

Poca & Poca in the 1960s.

The 1960s have been marked by fashion revolution, after which nothing was as it used to be. Angry young men, flower people, moral liberation, mini skirts and rock nature, Twiggy boyish chic and flawlessly tailored Jacqueline Kennedy’s costumes – the decade of total turning point in the field of clothing is coming back to the salons today with great fanfare! In the latest POCA & POCA collection we have focused on a mix of the most interesting trends from the 1960s, among which there is something for everyone: chic, elegant women, lovers of feminine sweetness, as well as those who prefer masculine style. Fashion of the 1960s has many faces, so now thanks to POCA & POCA clothes, every day you can express your different self; dressed in feisty extravagance, sophisticated classic or candy charm.

Women’s dresses in 1960s style.

This year you just have to take a look at elegant women’s dresses in the 1960s style. Dresses from that decade were very diverse and this rich style is undoubtedly to be found in POCA & POCA. Imagine a typical woman in 1960s. - now you can wear just as charming envelope V-neck dress with a modest length to the knees. Don't forget, however, that the brave ladies of this unique decade have been eager to go to work – just like them, you can opt for a neutral checked jacket dresses. If you're getting ready for a big event, boost your imagination and jump into a tempting asymmetrical dress with frills, a sleeveless dress with a V-neck, a simple black dress with waistline ruffles, or a Spanish style dress with cascades of ethereal fabric flowing to the ground.

Dress like Twiggy or Jacqueline

Women's POCA & POCA Spring Summer 2020 collection, inspired by the decade of freedom, music, love and passion for life, includes not only fantastic dresses but also extremely trendy in this season Spanish blouses, pants, blouses and checked jackets, culottes with wide legs, pants and jumpsuits with narrow legs and elegant women’s envelope skirts – and they all come in beautiful, universal colours that suit every woman. An unquestionable hit of this collection are women's Spanish blouses – with frills and wide neckline, as well as one frilly sleeve. Spanish blouses enhance the power of energy, while adding a sublime dignity or girlish innocence, depending on the colour. Frills, which are one of the hallmarks of POCA & POCA, can be found also in women’s jumpsuits – frills on the sleeves, cute bows at the waistline and ruffles always add charm and give a perfect shape to the silhouette. If you want to show the wild side of your nature, opt for blouses and dresses with a fur as well as gilet blouses that perfectly match jeans and knitted pants, plane or with trendy checked pattern. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the colour and be bold enough to jump into an intense pink jumpsuit. All in all, in 1960s in the fashion revolution imagination was the only limit!