Spring and summer come in colours aplenty

Warm seasons are definitely associated with the abundance of colours – the plants, the flowers in bloom, the blue sky, the sunshine, the flora – the world can become really colourful. It comes as no surprise that one of the best inspirations for fashion designers is nature. POCA & POCA Spring / Summer 2021 collection was no exception – this clothing line includes a great selection of colours: for every occasion and for your every mood. Maybe it is time to paint your wardrobe a little bit? Let’s put it in black and white: you might be fond beige or white, because these colours suit you, but if now, out of the blue, you decide to start wearing orange, you are certainly given a green light! Do you feel like pinking up your wardrobe? Red is a fantastic colour, but there is no harm in wearing something purple once in a blue moon.
Show us your true colours!

Variety, diversity, selection

Light and dark pink, salmon, cream, intense and lighter green, mint, cobalt and navy blue, red, black, blue-silver, white... The selection of colours is extremely wide. But the diversity of our collection does not stop here! Our POCA & POCA master tailors felt exceptionally inspired this season. First of all, they have prepared an amazing variety of prints and patterns. Alongside some plain garments, you will find textured fabrics, bold zebra and panther prints, checked and polka dot patterns. Second of all, this clothing line features every possible type of outfit: blouses, dresses, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, short blouses, pants, capes. If there is one word to describe POCA & POCA Spring/Summer 2021 Women’s collection, then it should definitely be diversity.

Stylish spring, sophisticated summer

Have you ever wondered what makes POCA & POCA garments so unique? We believe that our signature style are the original details, interesting cuts and cute embellishments. These elements were certainly not lost on our designers this season. Therefore, if you browse through our new collection, you will come across some asymmetrical items, such as asymmetrical skirts and dresses, one shoulder dresses, one sleeve blouses or jumpsuits or dresses with asymmetrical shawls. Other details that may draw your attention are: puffy or feathery sleeves, various decorative ruffles, high collars, gold ring buttons and many more. This collection is for ladies who are classy, elegant and stylish, pay attention to details, but also love being eccentric and have their own, unique style. Have a closer look at our selection of clothes for this season and make 2021 spring and summer unforgettable!

Something special for every occasion

Spring and summer are bound to be full of events, get-togethers, parties and various occasions, because at POCA & POCA we are ready for all of them. Such an impressive variety of outfits, colours, shades, patterns, cuts, fits and styles gives you the opportunity to choose something appropriate for every possible occasion. You do not need to wonder and worry what outfit will be appropriate for the upcoming social event, what dress to wear to a cocktail party or whether you have the perfect clothes for your important business meeting. We have done all of it for you and we feel confident to say that POCA & POCA Spring / Summer 2021 Women’s collection has got something unique for every occasion, big or small. If you wear something that makes you look good, it also makes you feel good and positive. That is why our new clothing line is here for you – enjoy it!

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